Ryan M. Salvagno, A 19-Year-Old New Jersey Man, Allegedly Roughed Up An 81-Year-Old For Wearing A MAGA Hat

A New Jersey teenager, or young adult depending on your point of view, has been arrested and charged with assault for allegedly roughing up an elderly man for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, Time is reporting. This is the latest in an ever-expanding list of incidents in which people have been assaulted and/or robbed while wearing the red and white hat that has become something of a symbol of the Trump administration.

According to police, Ryan M. Salvagno, 19, has been arrested for assault and harassment following the Monday incident.

Authorities say that they were called to a grocery store in Franklin Township, outside New Brunswick, in response to reports of a fight. At the scene, they found Salvagno and the unidentified 81-year-old victim. Based on interviews with the alleged perp, the victim, and witnesses, they were able to piece together what they believed happened.

The victim was leaving the store with his groceries wearing his hat when he was “confronted,” allegedly by Salvagno. Authorities say that the two got into a verbal altercation and, as the victim tried to walk away, it became physical. Salvagno allegedly grabbed the aged man’s MAGA hat and tossed it to the ground, causing a struggle. Salvagno then allegedly grabbed the victim by the arm and threw him and his groceries to the ground.

When police arrived, the victim was suffering from injuries described as “minor.” Salvagno was taken downtown and charged with assault and harassment.

Salvagno is just the latest person to be criminally charged for their behavior around others wearing the MAGA hat.

Just this week, as The Inquisitr reported at the time, an unidentified Oklahoma teenager got into trouble, both at school and likely with the law, for an incident in which he allegedly assaulted a classmate for wearing the hat. Specifically, as the school was enjoying a Spirit Week in which they could wear costumes, one teen showed up wearing the MAGA hat, a Trump-themed hooded sweatshirt, and a “Trump 2020 flag.” The alleged aggressor was caught on video allegedly blocking the student and telling him to take off his MAGA hat or else he (the aggressor) would then burn it. The two exchanged words before the alleged aggressor could be seen tearing off the hat and throwing it to the ground before cell phone video of the event ended abruptly.

Similar incidents in which people have been victimized for wearing the MAGA hat have emerged from Texas and Oregon, as well as other places.