Jonas Brothers’ ‘Sucker’ Video Contains A Few Nods To The British Royal Family

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The three Jonas Brothers and their leading ladies look like royalty in the music video for the sibling trio’s comeback single “Sucker.” As it turns out, the video has a bit of real royalty mixed in there as well–nods to Queen Elizabeth I and II, to be exact. In addition, the music video’s location comes packed with a bit of royal history, according to People.

The Jonas Brothers traveled to an elegant Jacobean mansion knows as Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, which is 21 miles north of London, to shoot their iconic video. In 1533, that same mansion was home to none other than Queen Elizabeth I.

She was moved into the home at just 3-months-old by her father, Henry VIII, and lived there throughout the 16th century. It is often said that Elizabeth I received word that she became queen when she was sitting under a tree at the estate in 1558.

There are currently two Hatfield Houses. While the Jonas Brothers filmed in the new house, the monarch was raised in a nearby Royal Palace of Hatfield, the house’s official website revealed.

Elizabeth I had her own very special cameo in the “Sucker” video. Dressed in royal garb, Kevin, Nick, and Joe Jonas are seen in a lavish dining room with Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and several other guests. As they feasted on a massive meal and chatted, a portrait of Elizabeth I hung on the far wall.

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The video also holds a subtle nod to the current Queen of England. In one scene, Danielle, Kevin’s wife, walks two handfuls of adorable corgi puppies on the grounds of the estate. As royal watchers know, corgis are a favorite breed to Queen Elizabeth II.

The royal family has owned several corgis throughout the queen’s life, all of which have traveled with her between homes. As of April 2018, Elizabeth II currently has two corgis, Candy and Vulcan, although these dogs are not linked to her original family of royal corgis. The last in a long line of descendants, Willow, unfortunately, passed away that month, according to The Telegraph. Nonetheless, these dogs have become synonymous with Elizabeth II’s leadership.

The music video simultaneously nods to the 2018 drama The Favourite, which was also filmed at Hatfield House.

A cluster of bunnies is featured in one scene, just like in the movie, which is about 18th-century British royalty. The dinner party appears to match the one that The Favourite’s Abigail (played by Emma Stone) hosted, according to Town & Country. Finally, the music video closes with a shot of the Jonas Brothers and their ladies in front of a bookshelf–the same one from which Abigail stole a book in the film.