‘Playboy’ Models Khloe Terae & Bre Tiesi-Manziel Accused Of Cheating To Finish Half-Marathon

Bre Tiesi-ManzielInstagram

Last month Johnny Manziel’s wife, Bre Tiesi-Manziel, and fellow Playboy model Khloe Terae boasted on their social media accounts of their triumphant completion of the “Run Like A Diva” half-marathon — a whopping 13.1 miles in support of breast cancer. Now, upset folks from the running community have taken to not only the personal posts of Terae and Tiesi-Manziel to express their concern over what they consider to be false time-reporting, but they’re also alleging that the two models cut corners during the race and cheated the course to fib their way to the finish line.

Angry runners flooded the comments of not only Terae and Tiesi-Manziel’s posts but also took to the official Instagram account of the “Run Like A Diva” race to express their anger over what they consider a false completion.

“How disrespectful to cheat by course cutting. Absolutely disgusting display of morals during an event supporting breast cancer. Cancer survivors, families of those who have lost their loved ones from breast cancer are completing the full distance in honor and in fight against this awful disease. You should be ashamed,” one angry Instagram user commented.

“Time to delete this, apologize for cheating (esp. to the people who legitimately ran the course) and send those medals back,” another added to Terae’s post, in which she proudly showed off her medal.

According to the Marathon Investigation blog, the duo appears to have cut the course to achieve not only a better finish time but to finish the race in the first place. Derek Murphy, who helmed the lengthy investigation into the social media starlets’ claims of finishing the 13.1 miles, used data from the split mats available throughout the course to show that time had been missing, and that there’s no way the two women — who both claimed to run the race unprepared — could have finished within the two hours that they claimed.

Murphy also used footage from Terae’s Instagram as evidence, showing the model skipping and high kicking at a slow pace during the run, which would have significantly lengthened her time if she was goofing off on the course.

According to Very Well Fit, a website that promotes an active lifestyle and shares tips on running, training, and working out, the average time for a female with proper training to finish a half marathon is around 2:24. Murphy alleged that if the women ran the first 6.4 miles at 14:22 minutes per mile, they would have had to finish the race in under four minutes per mile, which is an impressive feat for even the most elite runner.

Murphy further alleged that though most cheat for better qualifying times to gain entry into more popular races, such as the Boston Marathon or the NYC Marathon, that was not the case for the two Playboy models. Instead, Murphy said, they likely did it to boost their status on social media and gain more attention and “likes” from fans.

“I’ve come across dozens of cases of cheating where the only motivation seems to be to post for likes on social media or to brag to friends. This seems to be a popular motivation whether someone is trying to build an online brand or just impress their friends,” Murphy shared in his post.