R. Kelly Enablers Now At The Center Of Newly Launched Investigation, Per Attorney Michael Avenatti

Scott OlsonGetty Images

R. Kelly is at the center of a highly publicized sexual abuse case, but he may not be the only one facing charges. According to Billboard, R. Kelly and more than 10 individuals in his entourage are also at the center of this massive investigation. It has been reported that attorney Michael Avenatti has revealed that R. Kelly’s enablers — described as “the handlers, agents, managers, bodyguards, and others” — may also be charged in the very near future.

On Thursday, February 28, Avenatti took to Twitter with a detailed message about the investigation. He’s made it clear that he won’t rest until R. Kelly and the enabling members of his entourage are behind bars. He also blasted R. Kelly’s enablers for turning “a blind eye” to the abuse of underage girls for the sake of monetary gain.

“Our investigation into R. Kelly’s enablers – the handlers, agents, managers, bodyguards, and others – who turned a blind eye to his sexual assault of underage girls, all in the interest of money, is rapidly gaining momentum. The rats are leaving the sinking ship. #Justice,” he wrote on Twitter.

So far, no names have been released. This time around, fans aren’t so sure that R. Kelly will win in court. Although he’s out on bail, there have been multiple speculative reports about the possibility of him facing additional charges in the very near future. R. Kelly’s associates and enablers who were allegedly aware of his purported misbehavior are being widely criticized, as many believe they could have helped put a stop to his reported actions years ago.

The latest reports about R. Kelly’s sex scandal follow the premiere of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly. The explosive six-hour docuseries featured R. Kelly’s brothers, former and current members of his entourage, his ex-wife, Drea Kelly, and several of his alleged victims — some of whom were underage when they were reportedly involved with R. Kelly.

During the docuseries, Drea posed an interesting question — one that correlates with Michael Avenatti’s stance. At one point during the documentary, she noted her ex-husband’s illiteracy raising the question of how he could have done so much harm by himself. From booking flights to scheduling — and reportedly having underage girls sign non-disclosure agreements — it would have been relatively difficult for R. Kelly to carry out such actions alone, without help.

To make matters worse, some of the people who were interviewed actually claimed that members of R. Kelly’s entourage were tasked with picking up young girls for him. His former manager even claimed that he had a hand in assisting R. Kelly with forging documents for his secret marriage to Aaliyah.

“[Kelly] could not have accomplished this for 28 years without the assistance of others who looked the other way because they didn’t want the R. Kelly gravy train to end.”

R. Kelly is facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault. However, he still maintains his innocence.