Ryan Edwards’ Wife Mackenzie Standifer Rants About ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion Host Dr. Drew Pinsky

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Mackenzie Standifer “can’t stand” Teen Mom OG reunion host Dr. Drew Pinsky and lashed out against him during a recent Q&A session on her Instagram page.

According to a report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on February 28, Ryan Edwards’ wife went on a rant to her fans and followers and slammed Dr. Pinsky for “always causing problems” with the cast of the show.

“He cares one day out of the year and that’s because that’s when he gets a paycheck,” she alleged.

During one of the reunions for Teen Mom OG, Dr. Drew Pinsky spoke to Standifer about Edwards’ ability to take the necessary steps of his recovery to ensure he would never again relapse on drugs. As fans may recall, Dr. Pinsky informed Standifer that her husband needed to do exactly as his doctor told him when it came to his Suboxone prescription. However, according to Standifer, the doctor later warned her that the drug could be very dangerous to Edwards.

“I put Dr. Drew in his place because what they didn’t show you is that, in one scene, he was all about taking Suboxone and Methadone. And then in the next scene, he did a complete 360 and was like, ‘It will kill you!'” she recalled.

Standifer went on to tell her fans and followers that Dr. Pinsky is not qualified to give her husband advice about his ongoing drug recovery because he doesn’t work with Edwards or know what he’s been dealing with outside of what has been seen on the show.

“If he is going to counsel, he does need to show up and not just two days out of a year to make a paycheck!” she said.

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Standifer went on to reveal she was particularly upset when Dr. Pinsky supposedly started “fake-crying” during a conversation with her father-in-law, Larry Edwards. As Standifer shared, she believed the doctor only did so because he didn’t know what he should say at the time.

“He definitely picks on people who he think [sic] he’s going to get a reaction from,” she said.

Edwards and Standifer got married in May 2017 and shortly thereafter, Edwards entered rehab for the first time. Then, the following year, after a couple of arrests, he returned to rehab and stayed there for a few months at the end of last year.

Teen Mom OG is reportedly in production and expected to return to MTV later this year.