Ted Nugent Fires Back At ‘Saturday Night Live’ After Being Portrayed As Crazy

Ted Nugent Saturday Night Live

Ted Nugent is angry at Saturday Night Live after the rocker was portrayed as a wide-eyed maniac on a skit spoofing the television show Fox and Friends.

Nugent went on Twitter on Monday to air his grievances with SNL, saying that the show didn’t even use the best material he provided.

Nugent wrote: “cmon SNL! thats all ya got with the unlimited parody rich s**t I provide? thats it? really? there is SO much funnier Nugethangs available”

In the sketch, Bill Hader plays Nugent and says he was sickened by President Obama at the State of the Union. That part wasn’t entirely a joke — the rabidly right-wing Nugent actually attended the address as a guest of Congressman Steve Stockman from Texas.

From The Huffington Post:

“Hader’s version of Nugent included telling the Fox & Friends hosts that he was upset about Obama’s speech, but also that his goatee was full of ticks. He also brought up one of Nugent’s pet issues, that he thinks Obama is doing a poor job of taking ‘the guns out of the hands of the crazy people’ (with the implication that Nugent, himself, is a crazy person).”

Ted Nugent has made a number of outrageous statements about Obama in the past. In April he said he would either be in dead or in jail if Obama were to be re-elected, and when Obama was given a second term he called voters “soulless fools.”

In the wake of a gun control push late last year and early this year, Ted Nugent told WorldNetDaily that gun owners are like the modern-day Rosa Parks.