Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Liz, Drew, And Scott Defend Franco As Ryan Unravels

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital was filled with all sorts of emotional moments. Franco found out that Ryan Chamberlain is still alive and is the killer that has terrorized Port Charles for months. Unfortunately, he discovered it too late. Ryan stabbed Franco, but there is still hope that yet another victim of Ryan’s will make it out alive.

It was a dose of terror for Franco when he was attacked by the person who wants him dead. It almost worked until the nurse interrupted them. This was Franco’s only chance to get away as he punched Ryan. As previewed by Soap Central, Ryan is losing control quickly. After Franco locked him in the room, you could hear Ryan yelling, “I don’t make mistakes!” Well, he sure did, and it was turning his back on the person who is about to expose his identity.

It’s a good thing that Franco thought to leave a message on Jordan’s phone while he was trying to escape Ferncliff. Spoilers hint that Curtis may just be the one who hears that message, as Inquisitr had previously reported.

Franco has three people who are still in his corner through all of this, even after his confession that he was the serial killer. Elizabeth and Drew sat down to discuss Franco’s interview. Drew realized that his BFF may be trying to tell them something. Liz agreed, but you could tell that many things were running through her mind. She just can’t figure out why he would confess to crimes that he didn’t commit. General Hospital spoilers say that she has big issues to overcome and that could mean that her trust issues are rearing their ugly heads right about now.

Scott met up with Ava at Charlie’s Pub on Thursday’s show and he was visibly upset. Ava announced her engagement to “Kevin” and that really set Scott off. He is worried about his son and has no idea why he would confess. But he did tell Ava that Franco isn’t the killer. He knows that he wouldn’t kill Kiki, no matter what he said in the interview. Ava’s faith in Franco has wavered. She is leaning toward believing that maybe he could have done it after all.

There is also Lulu, who is starting to remember little bits of what happened right before she was attacked. She remembers talking to someone about Ryan’s victim count being nine, not seven. She remembers talking about a girl named Debra Jones as well. More General Hospital spoilers tease that she will eventually remember everything that happened.

Also on Thursday’s episode was Joss, Oscar, Cameron, and Trina making final plans for their road trip to Niagara Falls. What could go wrong there? Keep watching General Hospital to find out.