Weatherman Grant Denyer Passes Out On Air During Stunt Plane Flight [Video]


Weatherman Grant Denyer had an interesting morning. The popular Sunrise weather man passed out on air when Australian stunt fighter pilot Matt Hall took him on an eight G-force ride over Australia.

According to the Herald Sun, the average person can withstand about 5-G before losing consciousness while experienced fighter pilots can handle 9-G forces or more. Denyer passed his 5-G test but wanted Hall to show him what 8-G forces felt like.

And apparently, it feels a lot like a nap.

Denyer said:

“My whole body just started to feel all warm and cosy to be honest … I had no idea I passed out. But I was out for about six or seven seconds.”

Denyer may have been slightly embarrassed about passing out during his 8-G flight but he did way better than his colleagues. Last year, David Koch and Mark Beretta both got sick in the cockpit.

Denyer said:

“It was a bit spooky, watching it back … I’m very glad I didn’t throw up. If you throw up you have to clean the cockpit so I’m grateful I avoided that.”

Here’s the video of Grant Denyer’s rough morning ride.