February 28, 2019
Kyle Richards Defends Teddi Mellencamp Against Lisa Vanderpump's Gossiping Claims On Twitter

Kyle Richards came to the defense of her friend Teddi Mellencamp on Twitter after Tuesday night's new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9.

After fans watched as Lisa Vanderpump attempted to blame Mellencamp for gossiping about Dorit Kemsley and her adopted dog, Lucy, a fan called Mellencamp out and told her to admit to her wrongdoings.

"So Teddi, why not just admit that you were gossiping with Blizzard and Kyle about the dog [because] at the time you were not okay [with] Dorit. I understand you feel upset that [Lisa] tried to implicate in leaking the story. But you are not completely innocent either," the person wrote.

However, according to Richards, Mellencamp never came to her with any information regarding Kemsley and her dog. Instead, she learned about the issue at Vanderpump Dogs during filming on the first episode of Season 9, which aired earlier this month.

"[Teddi] never gossiped about the dog to me. First I heard of the dog was at Vanderpump Dogs," Richards said.

During Tuesday night's show, fans watched as Vanderpump did her best to maintain her innocence while being accused of a "set up" by Lisa Rinna, who was convinced that Vanderpump was the one who was pushing a negative storyline about Kemsley and her reasons for not keeping Lucy at her home.

As fans have surely heard by now, Kemsley gave Lucy to another woman after she began bitting her children and her husband.

Richards and Mellencamp formed a friendship during Mellencamp's debut season of the show last year and have been close ever since. Meanwhile, although Richards started off Season 9 on good terms with Vanderpump, the two women had a falling out during production and haven't been seen together publicly since September of last year.

Richards also addressed the claims Vanderpump made on Tuesday's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her Bravo TV blog.

"If Lisa knew that Dorit had no ill intent, then it should have been a private matter. The people at Vanderpump Dogs speak to Lisa daily. She certainly told them Dorit's story and explained that she had no bad intentions. That's her good friend," Richards wrote.

Richards went on to ask why Vanderpump made sure that Lucy was present during the first episode of the show and wondered why she was questioned about the animal.

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