February 28, 2019
Farrah Abraham Living In Small House With Her Father Amid Money Issues, Per 'Radar'

Farrah Abraham is said to be living in a small home with her father, Michael Abraham, after being hit with three lawsuits.

According to Radar Online, Farrah Abraham has been showing off her lavish vacations and outings to events such as Oscar viewing parties in L.A. However, the former Teen Mom OG star may actually be dealing with some money issues after having three lawsuits filed against her.

Court papers have Farrah's home address as the same location her father lives. Michael's fiance, Amy Blake, owns the residence. The house reportedly boasts 1,021 square feet and is described online as a "great starter home" with only two bathrooms, a much smaller house than Abraham is used to living in.

Before Farrah was fired from Teen Mom OG, she lived in a Lakeway, Texas house which had 3,310 square feet of room, four bedrooms, and five bathrooms.

However, since that time Abraham has been dealing with some lawsuits after 1 Oaks at Lakeway claimed the reality star and her former boyfriend, Simon Saran, did not pay rent on their lease after two of Farrah's stores closed down.

The plaintiff is asking for over $101,000 with the amount to increase in future months if the suit isn't settled.

Farrah Abraham was also recently sued for dropping out of a celebrity boxing match in Atlantic City last year. Abraham backed out of the charity event at the last moment, forcing the promoter, Damon Feldman, to scramble in order to fill her spot.

He promised that if Abraham didn't honor her contract that he would sue, and on February 27, a judge ordered that Farrah pay $12,171.75 to Feldman.

In addition, Abraham's own lawyer brought a lawsuit against her in November after she didn't pay the outstanding balance of $2,577.50 owed to the attorney, leaving the reality star looking like she could be paying out quite a bit of money in the near future.

Meanwhile, Farrah doesn't seemed to concerned about her lawsuits. In recent months, Abraham and her daughter, Sophia, have been showing off their lavish vacations on social media, traveling to locales such as Dubai, Bali, The Bahamas, The Maldives, Las Vegas, Costa Rica, and more.

She's also been seen at events such as the Khabib and McGregor fight, the MTV Video Music Awards, and the Maxim Hot 100 party.

Farrah Abraham has yet to speak out on the reports that she's currently living with her father and future stepmother among her lawsuit issues.