February 28, 2019
'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers And Rumors: Will Summer Save Lola?

Stunning new The Young and the Restless spoilers show that Lola's life hangs in the balance, and the most unlikely person may hold the key to saving the promising young chef's life -- Summer!

Time is running out for Lola, according to The Inquisitr's daily Y&R recap. Summer (Hunter King) shows up at the hospital, and she's honestly the last person that Kyle (Michael Mealor) wants to see. Considering his recent comments to Summer, Arturo (Jason Canela) also probably does not want to see her there either. Nevertheless, Summer shows up, and after Kyle is rude to her, he finally stops and listens to what Summer has to say.

Mealor recently told Soaps In Depth, "Lola is in ICU, in a coma, needing a new liver. When Summer comes up to him, he's like, 'I'm done. I'm finished with you.' You just get to a point in a relationship when It's all negativity, it's all toxic energy!"

It's shocking, to say the least, when Summer reveals that she's a match for Lola and can donate part of her liver. At first, Kyle doesn't even believe her, but he quickly changes his tune when Nate (Brooks Darnell) confirms it. Kyle instantly changes his tune when he realizes that his ex can save Lola. His first thought is when Summer can do the surgery.

Of course, for Summer, it's not quite that simple. Nate explains all the ramifications and risks associated with being a live liver donor, and it's not too surprising that Summer is scared and a bit nervous about moving forward with the surgery especially given her overall feelings towards Lola. However, Summer also realizes that in being Lola's donor, she is making it, so Kyle owes her something. She hopes that donating a piece of her liver to Lola will help Kyle see her in a new, less selfish light.

King said, "I think Summer is legitimately scared. But I also think she is milking the situation. She knows the more scared she seems, the more attention she'll get from Kyle!"

Another worry is how Lola will feel when she finally wakes up and realizes that Summer is the person who saved her life. Surely Lola will feel grateful to be alive, but owing Summer something certainly won't make Lola feel very happy. She already hates to have things out of her control, and she already feels strongly about Summer where Kyle is concerned. There's a possibility that this will save Lola's life but ruin her relationship with Kyle, which was already on the rocks because of Summer before Lola's attack.