Kate Middleton Attacked: Duchess Ignores Barbs, Visits Women Addicts Charity

The Kate Middleton attacks by Hilary Mantel have the media abuzz, with Duchess defenders everywhere rising to Kate’s defense. The Royals themselves have no comment, and Kate Middleton is apparently ignoring the vicious verbal barbs. Instead, Kate Middle is visiting a charity for women addicts.

The Kate Middleton baby bump is on the move as paparazzi try to get another photograph of Kate Middleton’s slowly rising belly. The Kate Middleton baby bump is only at four months, but her pregnancy has slowed down her public engagements since late last year when she was hospitalized for acute morning sickness. After finishing a sunny beach vacation, Kate Middleton left a somber mission to meet young mothers being treated for addiction at a rehab center in London.

According to USA Today, Hope House is a a 23-bed treatment clinic for women that is part of the Action of Addiction charity. Kate Middleton is a patron of that charity and she was all smiles as she tried to encourage the women suffering from addiction.

According to Hello Magazine, Manager Suzanne Hakimi was waiting to greet Kate at the doors of Hope House and accompanied her as she spent the morning meeting clients and staff at the 22-bed residential treatment centre:

“It’s incredibly brave for someone who’s new in the royal family to take on a charity that works with the darker side of life, and also the lighter side of life.”

The Hope House is Kate Middleont’s first public engagement since Book Prize winning novelist Hilary Mantel delivered a lecture at the British Museum in which she attacked Kate Middleton as a “bland,” “plastic princess” who is “painfully thin,” with “dead eyes” and appears to be a “shop-window mannequin with no personality of her own” but is “born to breed.”

Press officials for the royals announced Monday that on March 5 Kate Middleton’s itinerary will include traveling to the fishing port of Grimsby, the busiest fish-processing center in England. Kate Middleton will tour the National Fishing Heritage Center, meet fire-and-rescue personnel in town and open a school.