February 28, 2019
Jason Witten Coming Out Of Retirement To Play For Dallas Cowboys Again

According to a report by the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Witten is coming out of retirement and will play with the Cowboys for his 16th pro season.

It seems like retirement just wasn't satisfying enough for Witten, and after less than a year of being away from the field, he's putting on his helmet and getting back on.

In May 2018, he shocked fans when he declared that he was done playing in the NFL and was going to pursue a career as an announcer for Monday Night Football.

In spite of the abrupt decision, some fans understood the decision. After 15 years and 11 Superbowls as an offensive player for the Cowboys, the most in the team's history, and ranking fourth in NFL history for most career receptions, Witten decided to call it on a high note.

Nevertheless, the Cowboys retained the rights for Witten as he entered the Reserve/Retired list just in case he ever decided to come back, and it seems to have paid off.

"The fire inside of me to compete and play this game is just burning too strong. This team has a great group of rising young stars, and I want to help them make a run at a championship. This was completely my decision, and I am very comfortable with it. I'm looking forward to getting back in the dirt," Witten said in a statement confirming his return to the Cowboys team.

The Cowboys seem very excited to have the pro back on the team. With 15 years of experience, they believe he'll be a great leader for the team of "young talent" they have prepared for this coming season.

Jason Witten - Dallas Cowboys versus Seattle Seahawks December 24, 2018
Getty Images | Ronald Martinez

According to a report by ESPN, a source familiar with the matter claims that Witten is getting signed on for $3.5 million for one year.

Shortly after Witten left the Cowboys to pursue a career off the field, many thought he was a prime candidate to become a head coach for the NFL.

As a new member of the MNF, Witten said that being an analyst has been rough on him, but he thought there was a lot of potential in what he was doing.

But looking at his statements during the presentation of the Jason Witten Collegiate Man Of The Year Award to D'Cota Dixon earlier this month, it was apparent that he was missing the game, his team, and the challenge that football gave him, saying, "Nothing can replace that feeling."

Some fans and those in the NFL are concerned about how ready he is to get back into the thick of it. At 37, and without team training, he's still seems to be in surprisingly good shape. With a little bit of the hard work and determination he's known for, Witten's supporters believe he'll be ready to go when it's time to get back out there.