February 28, 2019
Jon Lindstrom Teases 'General Hospital' Spoilers About Ryan's Downward Spiral

General Hospital spoilers tease that Ryan will be desperate over the course of the next few episodes. He is scrambling to keep anybody else from figuring out he's alive and back with a vengeance, but everything is escalating beyond what he can control. Actor Jon Lindstrom, who plays twins Ryan and Kevin, is teasing some tantalizing tidbits about what's coming next.

The new print edition of ABC Soaps in Depth shares what Lindstrom has to say at this point. General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Ryan will confront Franco over the interview done with Lulu, and things will get intense. While Ryan is furious with Franco, underneath it all he's loving the drama his antics have generated.

"He loves the chaos that he can cause. If he can watch everybody running around, trying to solve crimes that he's committed and trying to make order out of their own lives, ultimately, it's all about him. And that's exactly the way he likes it! He's just that narcissistic!"
As Ryan is trying to eliminate any threats that would reveal the truth about his identity, he is also trying to look toward the future with Ava as his wife.
"This is as close to love as he can come. Ryan truly believes that she's some kind of soulmate to him."
Ryan thinks he's on the verge of getting everything he wants by wreaking havoc in Port Charles and escaping with Ava by his side. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest he won't succeed.

She Knows Soaps hints that Mac and Felicia will soon get involved with a theory of their own and Lulu's memories are apparently going to be coming back soon. Kevin and Laura are desperate to escape, and nobody should count out Franco.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers detail that others in Port Charles will have an impact on the truth emerging as well. Curtis and Chase are both increasingly suspicious that things aren't adding up properly, and Elizabeth and Drew are unconvinced about Franco's guilt as well. The walls are closing in on Ryan, and fans are anxious to see the truth emerge.

How much longer will it take for Ryan to be fully exposed? General Hospital spoilers signal that it will take at least through Friday, March 8, for this to play out. In the meantime, the next week or two of episodes should give viewers a lot of intense action they've been anxious to see. There is no doubt that things will be wild over the course of these next few shows, and fans are bracing themselves for some intense craziness.