February 28, 2019
Kyle Richards Says Lisa Vanderpump Knew Dorit Kemsley Had No 'Bad Intentions' For Lucy

Kyle Richards doesn't understand why the subject of Dorit Kemsley and her dog, Lucy, because such a hot topic for the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills amid production on Season 9.

In a blog post to her fans on February 27, via Bravo, Richards admitted that while the animal lover in her was upset to hear that Lucy had been discovered at an animal shelter after she was adopted by Kemsley and her family, she knows that Kemsley had no idea it would happen.

"Dorit did what she thought was best for her children. And as LVP states herself, she had no ill intent," Richards explained.

While Richards has a number of dogs that she loves dearly, she understands why Kemsley -- whose children were getting bit by Lucy, made the decision to place the pup with a new family. She also pointed out that Dorit called Lisa to let her know what happened and inform her that she was having to find Lucy a new home.

"Lisa seemingly understood Dorit's position and never asked for the dog to be returned to her or Vanderpump Dogs. To me, that indicates that Lisa V was OK with the dog going to a new home at that time, which makes sense," Richards wrote.

As Richards noted, the doggy drama only became a hot topic for the cast after it was revealed that the woman Kemsley gave her dog to had turned it in to a shelter. However, Kemsley -- and everyone else -- was allegedly completely blindsided by that. At the end of the day, Richards feels that this decision was no fault of Kemsley's.

"Now, the issue has become more about why we all found out about this in the first place. If Lisa knew that Dorit had no ill intent, then it should have been a private matter," Richards said.

According to Richards, the staff at Vanderpump Dogs speaks with Vanderpump daily -- and if she wanted to, the restaurateur could have certainly put an end to the conversation by explaining that Kemsley had no "bad intentions" for the animal.

Richards went on to say that Kemsley and Vanderpump were close friends, and wondered why Vanderpump would choose to have the dog present during their filming session for the first episode of Season 9. She even asked why Vanderpump would question her about whether or not she recognized the animal if nothing good would have come of it.

In closing, Richards said that a misconstrued story like the one regarding Kemsley and her dog can be "extremely damaging."