February 28, 2019
'Suits' Spoilers: Show Creator Talks Finale Shockers And Final Season Tidbits

Suits fans got a wild and crazy finale episode on Wednesday night, and they know that just a few episodes remain before the series wraps up for good. Show creator Aaron Korsh spoke with Deadline after Wednesday's show to tease what played out, and what everybody can expect from the episodes ahead.

Korsh recently teased that the ending to Wednesday's finale had been changed very recently, and it looks like they made a great call. After years of chemistry and teases, Harvey and Donna finally threw caution to the wind and hooked up.

The big moment for Donna and Harvey came after Robert Zane saved the day by taking responsibility for breaking privilege with Daniel Hardman. Donna is the one who actually was responsible, but Hardman was going after Harvey. Robert said he had done it -- and that means he'll be disbarred, and is now off the canvas.

The Suits creator says that Wednesday's finale was originally supposed to end simply with Robert taking the heat on Harvey's behalf. The sizzling-hot Harvey and Donna moment was the big addition that wasn't slated to take place originally.

Korsh teases that things could still change heading into the final season of the series. However, he plans to have Donna and Harvey actually come together in a relationship.

The Suits creator promises this hookup won't turn out to be a dream or anything like that, but it probably won't be entirely smooth sailing in this romance, either. Those who are rooting for this pairing have a lot to look forward to when the show returns.
"We are not planning on playing anything that threatens to split them up during the course of the season."
As for writing the character of Robert out, Korsh says that was dictated by the actor's availability. Wendell Pierce, who plays Zane, has been quite busy with other projects. He has been working on Amazon's Jack Ryan in addition to doing Death of a Salesman in London.

While viewers won't see Zane around regularly next season on Suits, that doesn't mean he won't pop up here and there. As for what else everybody can expect, it sounds as if a fair amount is still up in the air.

The Inquisitr previously shared that USA has renewed Suits for Season 9. That run will consist of 10 final episodes that will wrap up the series for good. Viewers should be able to expect these last shows to run throughout the upcoming summer, and Korsh says they hope to have some familiar faces return.

Suits spoilers tease that people will, obviously, see more of Donna and Harvey together. In addition, there will be a lot of ground to cover in terms of Samantha's presence and the loss of her mentor, Robert. Alex and Katrina will be facing growth opportunities, and the firm as a whole will work on yet another round of reputation repairs.

In terms of other developments, Korsh is playing coy for now.

"Possibly but not necessarily including a birth, a marriage, a death and numerous other things. We have so many things we want to do, and will not have time to do everything, but I look forward to disappointing [as] many fans as possible with the choices we make! I kid."
The show's creator has previously hinted that there will be positive endings ahead for the core Suits characters, but it doesn't look as if anything is set in stone yet. Stay tuned for additional spoilers as the final season is filmed, and hang tight for these last 10 shows.