February 28, 2019
Bryan Craig Talks Possibility Of 'General Hospital' Return As Morgan Corinthos

Ever since actor Bryan Craig decided to leave General Hospital and the role of Morgan Corinthos, fans have speculated about the possibility the character would return. Craig chose to leave to pursue other projects, but he did return not long ago for a one-episode stint. Now he's opening up about whether he'd be interested in returning for more.

The way that the writers chose to write out Craig's character definitely left the door open for a return. Morgan's body was never found, and there have been several times since Bryan's departure that viewers speculated the show might be ready to bring the Corinthos son back.

In fact, there were times where Bryan seemed to hint via social media either that he wanted to come back or was on the verge of coming back. However, he's now working on a new show tied to actress Eva Longoria called Grand Hotel, and it looks like that's got his attention now.

In the latest print edition of ABC Soaps in Depth, Craig addressed the idea of stepping back into the character of Morgan on General Hospital.

Craig says that he doesn't really know about a return of any kind and he noted that he hasn't had any recent discussions with people at General Hospital about the possibility. Not only that, but he feels as if it's perhaps best to leave things as they were when he left and then returned for one standalone episode revolving around Maura West's Ava.

"I kind of don't want to dilute it. How many more times can you bring Morgan back in a flashback or a ghostly way?"
General Hospital has managed to get fans buzzing more than once since Craig's initial departure that perhaps Morgan would soon pop up alive again. As soap fans know, characters are brought back from the supposed dead frequently and this Corinthos character was written out in such a way that a surprise return would hardly be difficult to engineer.However, if General Hospital decides they want Morgan back in Carly and Sonny's lives, it looks like they'll need to go ahead and recast.
"If it were to behoove the show and it's something that the fans want, then so be it. I feel like it was a pretty nice end, but I can't sit here and be selfish and say that I'm the last person to play that role... They've got to do what's best for the show."
Granted, General Hospital does have a lot going on right now, and bringing Morgan back isn't necessarily needed right now. Both Dante and Jax will be popping up again soon, and fans frequently speculate about the possibility that Nikolas could be brought back from the dead too.

Should General Hospital go ahead and leave Morgan's story as they left it or should they consider a recast and revival of Sonny and Carly's son? Right now, spoilers suggest that the Corinthos family will be kept plenty busy with what they already have on their plates, but fans will want to stay tuned to see if anything seems to shift on this front.