'Nude Men From 1800 To Today' Exhibit Brings Nude Visitors To Austrian Museum

Dan Evon

An Austrian museum recently opened their Nude Men From 1800 To Today exhibit, and, well, the museum is now packed with naked men.

And we're not just talking about the paintings and sculptures Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria. The museum has been overrun with nudists since the opening of its exhibit.

The museum, however, isn't trying to get their visitors to cover up. Instead, their embracing their nude guests and giving them tours of the exhibit.

Museum spokesman Klaus Pokorny said:

"We got requests from all over the world from people who were inspired by the exhibition... who asked us 'can we visit the exhibition naked?' "

The Leopold Museum writes that most nude art galleries focus on the female form. The museum wanted to do something different and decided to collect pieces of art depicting nude men over the last few centuries.

The museum writes:

"Previous exhibitions on the theme of nudity have mostly been limited to female nudes. With the presentation "naked men" in the autumn of 2012 the Leopold Museum will be showing a long overdue exhibition on the diverse and changing depictions of naked men from 1800 to the present."

What do you think of the Nude Men From 1800 To Today exhibit?