‘The Masked Singer’ Producer Teases A-List Talent For Season 2

Michael BeckerFox

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer just wrapped, but soon it will be coming back. The second season of the zany Fox reality competition is already in the works, and the identities of the masked singers could surprise fans— for real this time.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Masked Singer executive producer Craig Plestis talked about the season finale of the surprise hit show, which featured rapper T-Pain winning the competition over seasoned singers Gladys Knight and Donny Osmond.

The first season of The Masked Singer also included secret celebs like Terry Bradshaw, Margaret Cho, Tommy Chong, LaToya Jackson, Ricki Lake, and Tori Spelling. For Season 3, Plestis promises that not only will the clues be harder and security tighter, but the talent will be through the roof.

While Plestis called the first batch of stars on The Masked Singer “such professionals and perfectionists,” he hopes to sign more big stars who have a secret singing talent that will shock America when they take their mask off. The Masked Singer EP added that due to the insane success of the show, he has been getting a lot of response from A-list stars.

“We’re lucky because with the success of our show, we’ve been getting lots of responses from all different kinds of celebrities who want to be involved in it. …There are big and unexpected names that we are talking to at this stage.”

While he obviously can’t name names at this stage, The Masked Singer showrunner teased that producers are talking to Emmy winners, Grammy winners, movie stars, and even unexpected names in politics and other fields.

Plestis also revealed that while he would love to get an A-list star like Ryan Reynolds on the show—the actor actually competed on the Korean version of The Masked Singer—he doesn’t think the star would be open to doing it again. But the showrunner added that he would welcome Barack Obama to the Fox reality show. Let’s face it, the former president does know how to sing.


As for those familiar masks from Season 1, it sounds like they will be retired—at least for the competition portion of The Masked Singer Season 2.

In an interview on the Best of Shows podcast, Plestis teased “a whole new batch of characters” next season and every season after, but promised that some of the beloved older characters like Monster and Hippo could make a return in a new way.

“You also might see some of the older characters come back, but not in a competition way,” The Masked Singer producer said. “You never want to say completely goodbye to the Hippo.”

There is no premiere date for the next season of The Masked Singer, but producers have already hit the ground running looking for new costumes and starting the casting process, so stay tuned.