Meghan McCain Rips Donald Trump After He Brags About Being In Vietnam: ‘Taken A Trip To The Hanoi Hilton Yet?’

Tasos KatopodisGetty Images for Netflix

Donald Trump is bragging about spending more time in Vietnam than a Democratic Senator who once falsely claimed her served there, and Meghan McCain doesn’t find the humor in it.

Trump traveled to Vietnam this week for a new round of talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un about denuclearization plans. But he couldn’t resist taking a dig at Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who earlier in his political career had falsely claimed that he spent time in Vietnam when he was based in the United States while serving in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War.

In between the meetings, Trump took the time to go on Twitter and blast Blumenthal, bragging that he had now spent more time in Vietnam than Blumenthal.

That didn’t sit well with Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late John McCain who spent years in a prisoner of war camp in Vietnam. Trump, who received five deferments from serving in Vietnam by saying he had bone spurs (a claim that has now been called a lie by the daughter of the doctor who wrote his medical note), frequently criticized John McCain and famously said during the 2016 presidential campaign that he doesn’t consider McCain a war hero because McCain was captured.

“Have you taken a trip to the Hanoi Hilton,” McCain asked mockingly, referring to the prisoner of war camp where her father and other American soldiers were tortured.

Donald Trump’s blast also drew criticism of those who noted Trump’s own deferments to avoid serving in Vietnam. Earlier in the day, his former lawyer Michael Cohen testified before Congress and claimed that Trump lied when claiming he had bone spurs and could not serve in the war.

Donald Trump’s bad blood with John McCain continued through McCain’s diagnosis of terminal cancer, with the president still taking shots at the Arizona senator even after his death. Trump frequently referenced McCain’s final vote against the repeal of Obamacare, and reportedly mocking McCain to reporters just before the State of the Union address this year.

“He wrote a book and the book bombed,” Trump said about McCain, The New York Times reported.

As reports of Trump’s slam spread, Meghan McCain called out the president, saying his behavior was “pathetic and telling” and nothing that Trump could not help but hold onto personal grudges even at a time when he was preparing to make a major address to the American people.