Tiffany Barker Weight-Loss Pictures: Appearance On 'My 600-LB Life' Brings Major Transformation For Tiffany

Tiffany Barker topped 600 pounds before she turned 30, but now an appearance on My 600-LB Life appears to have kicked off a major transformation.

Barker was featured on the most recent episode of the TLC docu-series, among the youngest to ever appear on the show. Like many others shown during the show's run, Tiffany suffers from mental health issues -- in her case, a crippling depression -- that has left her addicted to food and made weight loss nearly impossible. Barker rarely went outside her apartment, eating to pass the time and to relieve stress.

That brought Tiffany to My 600-LB Life needing major mental and physical changes, and it appears she is now on track. Her Instagram page shows a life being transformed, with Tiffany branching out and becoming more social as she makes major changes to her diet and loses weight.

Tiffany has adopted the high-fat, low-carb keto diet and shares pictures of some of the meals she makes. Barker even took a cooking class and shows off some of the meals she is eating now on the stricter diet.

As Newsweek noted, it appears that Tiffany has also moved to Houston to continue her weight-loss treatment. Many of the others featured on My 600-LB Life this season have done the same, allowing them to continue work with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

That appears to make a major difference. This season has featured a number of patients who chose to remain in Houston rather than returning home after initial consultations with Dr. Now, and that seems to make a major difference. While the results of patients in past seasons have been spotty -- with some losing a moderate amount weight, some losing significant weight, and others barely changing their habits or their weight at all -- the patients who remained in Houston all seem to have transformational weight loss.

Tiffany is now showing off some of the results of her hard work, with her more recent Instagram photos showing a noticeably slimmer figure and some major progression from the photos she shared just two years ago. She also seems to have an upbeat attitude toward the work ahead, which has been key with other My 600-LB Life participants in order to maintain the rigorous changes needed to continue losing weight.

Those who want to see more of Tiffany Barker's weight loss after appearing on My 600-LB Life can check out her Instagram page, which is regularly updated.