A Fat Rat Gets Stuck In A Manhole In Germany And The Internet Falls In Love


In Germany recently, a fat rat was discovered stuck in a manhole. The rat, being so fat, had lodged precariously in what appears to be a carpark. So, things could have ended very badly for the creature. However, before it became roadkill, the wedged animal was discovered and rescued by German firefighters.

The fat rat was discovered in Bensheim, Germany recently, according to BBC News. Immediately, an extensive rescue mission was enacted. However, some people questioned why so many resources were being used on a mere sewer rat.

“Even animals that are hated by many deserve respect,” animal rescuer Michael Sehr told local news outlets.

But, how did the rat get so fat?

“She had a lot of winter flab and was stuck fast at her hip,” Sehr responded. “There was no going forward or back.”

After being notified that there was a small animal incident, several volunteer firefighters responded to the emergency on Sunday afternoon and a plan was put in place to rescue the chunky rodent.

When the firefighters arrived, they found Michael Sehr from the local animal rescue in Rhein Neckar already there. However, Sehr was unable to free the animal by himself.

With the assistance of the firefighters, the manhole was propped up on wedges so that Sehr could continue to work on rescuing the rodent. Once he had some help, Sehr was able to continue his rescue attempt on the rat and was soon successful.

Once rescued, the rat was returned to its beloved sewers.

However, a pile of pictures were taken during the rescue mission and posted to the animal rescue team’s Facebook page and the internet fell in love with the fat rat.

People immediately started commenting about the rescue mission.

“Thank you for recognizing the value in all life, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant,” one person wrote on the original Facebook post.

In fact, many people took to social media in order to comment on how thankful they were that the animal was saved.

“I don’t care if it’s a rat, a creepy millipede, or… I don’t know, I can’t actually think of any animals I don’t like,” SM Reine wrote on Twitter.

“I don’t want anything suffering. I’m happy Fat Rat got saved.”

“How many people does it take to free a fat rat stuck in a manhole cover?” David Bruning wrote. “This town found out.”

As NBC News points out, the rat has even become a meme on the internet and many people have shared the image stating that they identify with the trapped animal.

And, if you want to watch the entire rescue mission for the fat rat, someone kindly filmed the whole thing.