Raven Gates, Adam Gottschalk Talk Engagement, Possible Televised Wedding & Their Answers May Surprise Fans

Cooper NeillGetty Images for Poo~Pourri

Bachelor in Paradise has had a fairly solid track record of lasting relationships over the past few years. These days, fans are keeping a close eye on Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk, anticipating that an engagement is surely on the horizon. Raven and Adam are taking things at their own pace and they just opened up about the status of things in a new interview.

As The Inquisitr has detailed, Adam and Raven have been together since meeting during a previous season of Bachelor in Paradise. She now lives in Texas with him and she’s opened up in recent weeks about moving her Arkansas-based boutique to Texas now, too.

Unlike some pairs, Gottschalk and Gates didn’t get engaged while filming Bachelor in Paradise. However, it’s clearly something they both anticipate happening. For a while, it sounded as if it might happen at some point this winter, but now it seems it’s still in the development stages.

Bustle explains that the Bachelor in Paradise stars just did an episode of Rose Buds: The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever and discussed an engagement. It seems that early on in the chat, Gottschalk addressed what he knew would be asked and said that at some point in 2019, he and Gates would become engaged.

What fans may find interesting is that Raven and Adam noted that they’ve been approached about tying the knot in front of cameras. Unfortunately, they apparently aren’t interested in going that route.

“Everybody has been waiting for ABC to pay for a wedding. We personally have been offered lots and lots of money to have a wedding televised and aired. We don’t want to do it. I feel like we are going to do things very organic.”

Gottschalk expanded on the topic, and it seems that Gates is in full agreement with his take on things. They know how much fans love to be looped in on developments in their relationship. At the same time, they aren’t willing to share every single tidbit of their lives publicly.

“We love sharing our lives with everybody here, but we want to stay private in our own respective way.”

Adam and Raven have been clear in telling Bachelor in Paradise fans that they absolutely plan to get married and have kids at some point. However, they also do their best to make sure they’re enjoying where they are as a couple now.

About a month ago, Gates appeared on the podcast of former Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe. Naturally, the topic of an engagement and wedding came up during that chat as well. Raven talked about how she and Adam were doing some interfaith counseling via a local temple, and this is clearly an early step in building their future together.

Bachelor in Paradise fans will likely feel somewhat disappointed to hear that Raven and Adam aren’t even considering a televised wedding. At the same time, folks probably respect and appreciate the couple’s desire to keep some things private for themselves.

The good news is that an engagement definitely seems to be on the way for Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk, and supporters will continue to anxiously wait to hear news that it’s happened.