Jenna Jameson Strips Down To Nothing In Latest Instagram Snap Showing Off Incredible Weight Loss

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Jenna Jameson has been on quite the incredible weight-loss journey, and to the delight of her fans, she’s been capturing every step along the way. Since the birth of her daughter, Batel, in 2017, Jameson felt as though she wasn’t happy in her post-baby body and tried various diets to help drop the pounds. Settling on the Keto diet, a trendy weight loss regimen that calls for a high protein, low carb lifestyle, Jameson has lost an astonishing 80 pounds and has the insane physique to prove it.

In a snap posted to the former adult actress’s Instagram, Jameson went full nude showing off how trim her post-baby body truly is. She gently covered her most delicate assets with a tan-colored blanket and gave a sexy, off-camera stare while propping her feet up on a refreshing-looking pool.

For the shot, Jameson wore her chestnut-colored locks unkempt, giving off a sexy, bed-head vibe. Her various tattoos spread across her body didn’t cover up her newly-toned arms and thighs, and even with the light cover on her chest and abs, fans could make out how thin her waist has become.

Jameson and her family are vacationing in Mexico, and the starlet has been sharing some behind-the-scenes footage of their exotic, seaside holiday. She took her fans on a tour of their enviable, waterfront bungalow and showed off some snaps of little Batel having fun in the sun.

The actress also shared some shots of herself wearing a body-hugging crop top that showed off her firm abs and buxom chest. She paired the look with a floor length skirt and wore her hair in a trendy top-knot, throwing her fans some serious, laid-back beach vibes.

She also shared that she is doing her best to stay on her Keto diet while on this trip. She revealed that she had recently had a steak fajita, without the tortilla, and was happy with her choice of the delicious yet healthy meal. The following day, Jameson had some parfait with fruit for breakfast, topped with seeds and nuts, to kickstart the family’s day playing in the waves.

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Good morning from paradise.

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Jameson has taken her ever-growing fan base along for this ride and has shared her tips, tricks, and updates with her followers. Before heading out on vacation, the actress shared that she had hit a weight plateau, a common complaint amongst dieters, and revealed her tip for kicking her metabolism back into gear.

“First, I cut dairy. Cut it and it usually kickstarts [sic] weight loss again,” she shared to her Instagram while adding that she stayed away from nut flours that have a tendency to bloat her and used intermittent fasting as a way to rev things up.

Whether or not fans of Jameson’s are following for her diet tips, to keep up with her busy and exciting life, or because they are fans of her work, her admirers will surely be keeping an eye out for the next update from the actress.