Taylor Swift Responds To Fan Theories With A Photo Of Her Cat

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Taylor Swift knows she’s teasing fans with signs of new music on the horizon, and she’s enjoying every second of it. The singer left fans in confusion over the weekend when she posted two mysterious photos with hidden hints about a possible seventh album. On Wednesday, she teased fans once more — mentioning that she’s read all of the fan theories… but that she’s not giving any other information just yet.

Swift shared a photo to Instagram of her white furry cat, Olivia, standing on her bed with her mouth dropped open in a gasp, according to Entertainment Tonight. A purple, dream-like filter covered the image — the same filter used on her photos over the weekend.

In the caption, she addressed all of the speculation from her fans.

“She just read all the theories,” Swift captioned the photo.

Swift has comments turned off for her Instagram posts, but fans still took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“I can’t believe we were just called out by Taylor Swift herself,” one person wrote.

The latest Instagram photo follows a post on Tuesday in which Swift peeks through a hole in a white fence.

According to one fan, Swift has been using her photos as a countdown on sorts. On Sunday, a photo of the Los Angeles skyline featured seven palm trees. Then, Swift posed on the sixth stair of a spiral staircase. In the fence photo, there are five holes, which fans believe to mean there are five days left until something big happens.

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Although Swift has not confirmed any theories, it is not entirely off-base to suspect that she would use social media to tease new music. The singer caused a commotion in August of 2017 when she mysteriously wiped out her social media accounts, CBC News reported at the time. After three days of silence, she shared a mysterious video that showed only a snake’s tail slithering along on a black screen.

Fans buzzed on social media for days, until the singer finally announced that her sixth album, Reputation, would be coming soon. The mysterious video was, indeed, a promotional hint.

The “End Game” singer was spotted entering and leaving a New York City recording studio in January, and a source told E! News that she had spent much of her day there.

“It appeared she was there all day as she was not spotted leaving until after 9 p.m,” the source explained, noting that Swift looked focused as she left the studio that night.

There are no official details on a seventh album from Swift yet, but at least fans know she has been working on a surprise.