‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Ava Faces Pushback, Cameron Rages, And Elizabeth Leans On Drew

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode indicate that emotions will be running high throughout Port Charles. Franco gave a stunning interview to Lulu from Ferncliff, and Ryan presented Ava with a big engagement ring. These two events will generate big reactions among many people in town, and viewers have a lot to look forward to in this February 27 show.

Ava is thrilled to be engaged to “Kevin,” but she is finding that she doesn’t have much support from her small circle of loved ones. She already talked with Julian about the situation, and General Hospital spoilers note that she’ll get an earful from Scott during Wednesday’s episode, too.

The Twitter sneak peek shows Scott laying it on pretty thick as he tells Ava that he wonders when Kevin will kick her to the curb, like he did to Laura. Obviously, Ava won’t be happy to hear this, even though a part of her probably wonders the very same thing.

Both Elizabeth and Drew stayed loyal to Franco when he was initially accused of the crimes that Ryan had committed. However, once Franco agreed to Jordan’s secret plan, Liz felt blindsided. She has noted that she believes there is more to this guilty plea than what she’s been told, but for now, she remains confused and in the dark.

Drew stood up for Franco as the investigation shifted direction, and he was in the courtroom when Franco entered his guilty plea. Drew has luckily recovered quickly from the accident that injured Jordan, and General Hospital spoilers share that he will connect with Liz during Wednesday’s episode.

Elizabeth will wonder how she can keep believing in Franco considering all that has happened. It looks like Drew will understand her concerns, but he likely won’t have any easy answers to share with her.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Elizabeth will also voice some concern for Drew. She’ll surely be doing her best to catch up to what happened with the accident, and the two have a lot to fill one another in on when it comes to events that have transpired over the past couple of days.

Some fans have speculated that this complex situation may lay the groundwork for Liz and Drew to reconnect, and perhaps find some renewed feelings brewing between them. So far, that’s just speculation — and it seems that Elizabeth is going to do her best to stick by her husband, despite her confusion over his plea.

Not only is Elizabeth struggling to comprehend what Franco is saying, she’s facing teen fury from her son, Cameron. Cam has repeatedly torn into his mother for having Franco around — and going ahead and marrying him — and General Hospital spoilers share that he’ll rant to Josslyn and Oscar over his frustration.

The Inquisitr teases that Wednesday’s episode also contains some intense scenes between Ryan and Franco, as Ryan reacts to the interview Franco gave. Ryan is furious that Franco is taking credit for everything he did, and General Hospital spoilers hint that this confrontation could be a major turning point in the truth emerging at last.

Lulu is feeling increasingly conflicted over this case, and she’ll turn to Maxie for some help. Laura and Kevin remain trapped in the Ferncliff basement, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that big revelations with this storyline will shake things up significantly over the course of the next few shows.

Update: The Inquisitr has shared that ABC has pushed out the episode slated to air on Wednesday due to continuing coverage on Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony. Everything that was supposed to take place during the February 27 show will be shown on Thursday, February 28, instead.