Kim Kardashian Mocked On Twitter For Wearing Skimpy Dress In Freezing Montreal Weather

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

While Kim Kardashian may be adored all around the world – the reality TV star boasts close to 60 million followers on Twitter and a whopping 129 million Instagram followers – the bodacious fashion icon and socialite does have her fair share of critics.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is no stranger to online criticism and occasionally finds herself slammed on social media — either for her parenting skills, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, or for her wardrobe choices.

Her latest public appearance was no exception. Earlier this week, the gorgeous 38-year-old TV personality traveled to Canada to attend the VIP preview of a highly anticipated Thierry Mugler exhibition. The event, held at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on Monday night, gathered quite a star-studded crowd, including veteran model Pat Cleveland, RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Violet Chachki, and the man of the hour himself, French designer Thierry Mugler.

The celebrities braved the freezing weather of the cold Canadian night to earn a spot at the VIP exhibition viewing and feast their eyes on the impressive Mugler collection, which included 140 of his designs, along with his sketches and dozens of fashion photographer shots of his work.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most notable celebrity appearances at the Mugler exhibit was Kim Kardashian. The KUWTK star made a fabulous entrance at Monday night’s event and was photographed making her way inside the museum in a barely-there sheer pink dress, per a previous report from Inquisitr.

Not only that but the TV personality later changed into an even skimpier minidress, putting her generous cleavage and endless pins on full display. Granted, Kim did go through all that effort to honor the man of the hour, as both of her dresses were vintage Mugler designs. For her troubles, the KUWTK star ended up facing backlash on social media for sacrificing comfort on the shrine of fashion and wearing next to nothing in the subzero Montreal weather.

Indeed, it did seem like Kim skipped out on the weather forecast as she apparently left her coat at home before heading out to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. In a series of photos published by The Daily Mail, the KUWTK star can be seen arriving at the venue in nothing but her sheer, off-the-shoulder dress despite the freezing temperatures outside — which ranged between -18 degrees and -20 degrees on Monday night.

Aside from braving the cold, Kim also had a hard time walking across the icy pavement in high heels. The snapshots revealed that her Yeezy mules did not make the job easy at all.

As always, the reality TV star came under a lot of scrutiny regarding her wardrobe choices and did not come away unscathed. Many Twitter users saw her choice of attire as a faux pas given the weather conditions and took to the popular social media platform to bash Kim for wearing stilettos on ice and for parading around half-naked in subzero temperatures.

“So @KimKardashian is in Montreal right now and I don’t think she got the memo of our freezing weather cus sis showed up wearing this. She cant even walk cus she’s wearing heels n tryna walk on ice [sic],” one person wrote on Twitter.

The Twitter user also included some cellphone footage of Kim leaving the museum in her strapless minidress and carefully stepping on the icy pavement in an effort to reach her car.

“Kim honey, put a jacket on, this is Montreal. Ain’t no LA weather #ColdAsBalls,” wrote one of Kim’s social media followers in reply to one of the star’s own posts to Twitter.

One social media user expressed their disbelief that Kim managed to survive the freezing Montreal weather.

“Dear @KimKardashian how did you survive the Montreal cold in that (unreal!!) dress? I can’t survive summer without a sweater. For real, tips please?” read their message on Twitter.

Another person simply asked Kim whether she forgot to check the weather report before jetting off to Canada.

Some people even seemed enraged by the whole situation judging from their Twitter posts.

“Walking on ice with Heels with no f***ing coat on… In Montréal where our sidewalks need @nusr_ett on them… And Why does she wears [sic] fur coats in LA but not here… #KimKardashian #Montreal #TheNorth #Northerner,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, others praised the KUWTK star for braving the cold in a bid to show off her spectacular Mugler dresses at the prestigious event.

“Gotta give props where they’re due; @kimkardashian in 6″ heels and bare chested and bare legged when it’s -20C [sic] and the streets of Montreal are a literal ice rink. Bless,” read one tweet.

One person even disagreed with one of the naysayers and commended Kim for her unforgettable appearance at the event.

“I think this what you ment [sic] to say ‘So @kimkardashian is in Montreal and sis show up so hot she melted the ice beneath her feet as she slayed walking back to her black car. I’m not worthy of her presence,'” they wrote in a tweet, per The Daily Mail.