‘General Hospital’ Daily Dish: Chase Worries About Laura, Lulu Senses Something Isn’t Right

Tuesday’s General Hospital had plenty of drama to go around and it’s about to become even more intense in the coming days. Laura is missing, Ryan is furious, and Ava is about to become a serial killer’s wife. The end of Ryan Chamberlain is near.

Chase was seen on Tuesday trying to track down the mayor. No one has seen Laura, but the detective seems to be the only one who is worried about her. Even Lulu seems to be okay with her mother having other plans besides being by her side through the Franco trial and the interview with him. However, Lulu is sensing that something is wrong with the whole confession from the person she thought tried to kill her. Soap Central teases that on Wednesday, she will get a little help from a friend.

General Hospital spoilers say that Maxie will show up and the two women will try to put their heads together to figure out why Lulu is feeling the way she is. She feels like something is missing, but can’t quite figure it out. Even Ava thought that something wasn’t right when Franco confessed to everything. Now she is blaming herself for ever involving Franco in Kiki’s life. But she has a big fat engagement ring on her finger to help ease the pain.

Ryan has other things on his mind right now. He needs to take care of a few things. He is expected to go visit with Franco as his doctor on Wednesday. It is all about to come crashing down pretty quickly. He also knows that Harrison Chase is out looking for Laura. The PCPD detective thinks it’s strange that the mayor is missing, but no one seems to be too worried about her just yet.

Chase is on the case to find her, but Laura is still trapped in the basement at Ferncliff with her real husband. She and Kevin will be looking for a way out before Ryan comes back to tie up this particular loose end. He isn’t going to keep them down there alive forever. He just needs to figure out how to dispose of them without getting caught. Ryan is losing control and he is not happy about that.

Franco is in danger now that he is stuck at Ferncliff without Jordan’s help. Also, Carly and her unborn baby’s life will be in danger once Ryan kidnaps her at the end of the week. Will someone finally get a clue? Keep watching General Hospital in the coming days to see who will finally realize that Ryan Chamberlain walks among them.