Michael Cohen Is A ‘Loser With Nothing To Lose,’ Trump’s Worst Nightmare, GOP Strategist Says

Win McNameeGetty Images

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, will testify today in front of the House Oversight Committee about his time as the fixer for his client.

In an opinion column for The Daily Beast, Republican strategist Rick Wilson confirmed that although he doesn’t think much of Cohen, he sees the now-disbarred lawyer as the “perfect exemplar” of the kind of people Trump surrounds himself with, and he believes the two men have a lot in common, as both are “liars, louts, thugs, bullies, and scumbags.”

But Wilson says that Michael Cohen has no more reasons to lie, as he is “a loser with nothing to lose,” heading to prison in May, no matter what. He added that the man who once said he would take a bullet for Trump is now going to answer questions and provide receipts proving that what he is now asserting is the truth.

Though Wilson is a well-known Republican strategist, he has never hidden his disdain for Donald Trump, whom he says will be watching Cohen testify before the House committee from Vietnam, where it will be on in the middle of the night. As Wilson noted, Trump will likely be expecting theater and drama.

Wilson also theorized why Cohen finally decided to blow the whistle on Trump. According to the GOP strategist, Cohen knew that if he didn’t, at the end of the day, he would pay for the criminal activity he alleges that the president committed, and potentially spend the rest of his life behind bars.

As further pointed out by Wilson, Cohen was, for more than a decade, one of Trump’s most intimate advisers trusted with “the payouts, gag orders, and fetid details of his rotating stable of girlfriends, dalliances, hookups, and whatever the hell Trump and his pedophile pal Jeffrey Epstein had been up to.”

Today’s question-and-answer session with Cohen will also provide new information about his payoff to adult film star Stormy Daniels on behalf of the president, and Wilson predicts that her name will be back in the news “bigly.”

In addition, Cohen knows “many of the secrets that comprise the Horcruxes of Donald Voldemort” and more, Wilson quipped.

“Trump’s taxes, his shoddy, shady business practices, the extent of Trump’s personal depravity and sexual depredations against many, many women. He knows about business practices they didn’t show on the phony set of Apprentice. He knows all about the roles of Ivanka and Don Jr. and Slow Eric in the business.”

And as a postscript, Wilson says that if anyone still has any doubts, Cohen will also confirm that Trump is “a flaming racist.”