‘RHOA’ Kim Zolciak Is Accused Of Deleting Bad Reviews Of Her Lip Kit

Dave KotinskyGetty Images

Kim Zolciak of Real Housewives of Atlanta is saying that her new KAB Cosmetics lip kit is a smashing success, but many of her customers disagree, and they say that their complaints and negative product reviews are being deleted from her website.

Celebrity Insider reports that customers say that Zolciak is intentionally deleting negative reviews of her lip kit after delivering a “subpar product.” Fans have posted on Instagram about their dissatisfaction with the KAB lip kit and complaints that negative reviews have been erased from the site.

In response to these allegations, a rep for KAB says that none of the reviews were deleted on purpose.

“We have not intentionally deleted anything, possibly by mistake or possibly the person who wrote it deleted it. We will be more careful in what we consider spam and try to only delete rude comments.”

But customers are not buying it, stating that negative reviews that they had read previously were gone from the site a day later. They say that the reviews were not rude or crude in any way, but they were critical of the cosmetics and products put out by Zolciak and KAB, and primarily the lip kits.

A major customer criticism is that Zolciak’s company does not list the products’ ingredients when they are sold on social media (ingredients are on the main website and on the products themselves).

KAB, which stands for Kim, Ariana and Brielle, is also getting called out for using fakery in their ads, according to Radar Online. In a promotional photo for the lip kit, Kim Zolciak initially said she was wearing her own product, but then admitted that it wasn’t the truth, and she was wearing lip color from another company entirely.

Zolciak had posted a photo on social media to drum up interest in her lip kits.

“Less than 1 hour until our @kabcosmetics PRE LAUNCH. So excited we’ve worked so incredibly hard on this for over a year now! Wearing lip kit ‘sweetheart’ here. UPDATE: Sweetheart sold out in minutes the next closest to this is Sugar n Spice.”

But the RHOA star was caught in a fib by a fan who said the photo she used was a year old, and previously she had said that the lip kit used was a combination of Mac and Nars (brands of high-end cosmetics).

The Atlanta-based reality star admitted that she is not wearing KAB in the photo, but said that the color she was wearing in the picture was a blend of lipsticks, and the closest product in her own line was the one listed.

“I mixed several colors to get this (in the picture). When we created KAB we sent them off and created our own lipstick out combining all 5 tubes I used in the pic. We turned it into one tube! End of story.”