Could Season 2 of ‘The OA’ Drop Next Month On Netflix?


Considered a sneaky hit on Netflix when it dropped in 2016, The OA told the strange story of a blind woman who went missing for many years before turning up again — this time with her vision restored. However, since viewers devoured the series, there has been little news regarding the Season 2 premiere date. Now, with its inclusion in the Series Mania festival in France, it is suspected that Season 2 may drop on Netflix as early as next month.

There has been very little news regarding the Netflix hit series, The OA. Since Netflix renewed it early in February of 2017, the only announcements that have been made regarding the show have usually concerned production, with filming getting underway in 2018. As for details on the series or the release of a trailer or promotional images from Season 2 of The OA, not a lot has been released at all other than the initial trailer announcing the show’s renewal by Netflix.

Brit Marling has kept fans updated in the production side of Season 2 of The OA via her Instagram account. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, fans found out that filming had concluded in June 2018 thanks to a post of Brit Marling’s.

“Wanted to share some good news — we are about to finish (today) all principal photography on Part II of The OA,” Marling wrote on June 28.

Brit Marling stars as Prairie Johnson in Season 1 of 'The OA'
Featured image credit: JoJo WhildenNetflix

As recently as February 17, Marling also reported that sound work was still being done on Season 2 of The OA.

“Saturday night on the sound stage mixing chapter 8 of Part II,” she wrote in an Instagram post, indicating that work was potentially winding up considering Season 1 of The OA ran for eight episodes.

But, as for news on when Season 2 of The OA would drop, there hasn’t been much released beyond the announcement that it would be “coming soon.”

However, according to Metro, the listing of The OA screening at the Series Mania festival next month is a good indicator that Netflix fans will get to see the second season soon after this screening.

While there has been no official confirmation from Netflix regarding the Season 2 premiere date for The OA, it does seem possible that Netflix could drop Part II fairly quickly after it screens at the Series Mania Festival sometime between March 22 to 30. Although, the potential is also there that it will be April before it is dropped on Netflix — or, even a later date than that. So, fans will just have to stay tuned a little longer to find out exactly when Season 2 of The OA will premiere on Netflix.

As for what Season 2 will entail, no details have yet been released either.