Scheana Marie Tells Adam Spott She Slept With Someone Else, But Insists She Was Thinking Of Him The Whole Time

Randy ShropshireGetty Images

Scheana Marie appeared to have strong feelings for Adam Spott during the first several episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 7 but in a sneak peek at the coming episodes of the show, their relationship takes a major turn for the worse.

In a preview clip shared by Us Weekly magazine, Scheana tells Adam, who she’s been romantically linked to for nearly a year, that she slept with someone else.

“You slept with him?!” he responds with shock.

“I thought about you the entire f**king time,” Scheana explains.

Understandably, Adam doesn’t feel any better about the issue.

“Well thank you, for that consideration,” he says, sarcastically.

Scheana and Adam engaged in a number of flirty moments during the early episodes of Vanderpump Rules but never committed to a romance with one another. That said, Scheana did admit to sleeping with Adam during an episode of the show that aired several weeks ago.

After facing tons of backlash due to her whirlwind romance with actor Robert Parks-Valletta during Vanderpump Rules Season 6, Scheana made a point to stay single for the entirety of Season 7 and that may have been why Adam didn’t want to take their flirtations too far. Unfortunately, after sleeping with Scheana once, he now appears to be facing heartache at the thought of her sleeping with another man.

Scheana and Adam’s relationship may be coming to an end on Vanderpump Rules and judging by their social media streams, it may have come to an end for good. Although Scheana may have shared a few recently clips of Adam on her Instagram Stories, she hasn’t shared any photos of him on her page since last year and the same goes for his page.

As fans prepare to see the upcoming drama between Scheana and Adam, the longtime reality star has been linked to a new man, businessman Raul Ernesto, after being caught getting cozy with him during a trip to Utah last month.

“Scheana and Raul Ernesto have just started dating,” a source dished to Radar Online at the time. “It is a super new relationship and they really like each other.”

According to the report, Scheana and Raul were first spotted together during a Casamigos party and several photos from their outing were seen on social media.

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