‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Mariah Makes A Plea

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday, February 27, brings a new day and a new plan for the Newman jailbirds. Plus, Mariah makes a stunning move.

The Newmans plan how they’ll defend themselves, according to She Knows Soaps. Michael (Chrisitan LeBlanc) has the idea to keep Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) off the stand in light of their various lies about the night that J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) died. The biggest thing the women, besides Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), have going for them is that Christine does not have a body. Even though she’s not officially a Newman, Sharon (Sharon Case) and her future also hang by a thread depending on what happens with Nikki and Victoria.

While Nikki is the one who ended up swinging and hitting J.T. with a fireplace poker that fateful night last April, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis helped her cover it up. Now Phyllis has her deal, which she swore up and down to Summer she would use to help save her co-conspirators as well. While Summer believes Phyllis, it’s no secret that Victor (Eric Braeden), Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon do not. They think Phyllis is out only for herself, and they do not trust her with their fate even the tiniest bit.

Will Victor be able to come up with something outrageous enough to save his wife and his daughter from serving prison time for murder? Given his past as The Mustache, the odds seem high that he will come up with something.

Meanwhile, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) makes a move. Although she remains worried that she made things worse instead of better after talking to Christine (Lauralee Bell), Mariah decides to focus on helping others instead of her mother, Sharon (Sharon Case). With that in mind, Mariah and Kyle (Michael Mealor) team up to help get potential liver donors for Lola (Sasha Calle) tested. It turned out that neither Arturo (Jason Canela) nor Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) was a match, but surely somebody somewhere out there in Genoa City or beyond can help save Lola’s life. The key is finding that person as soon as possible because The Inquisitr reported that Lola’s life hangs in the balance while she waits for a suitable transplant.

Perhaps the shock of seeing Kyle step up for Lola in such a big way and hearing Kyle’s impassioned words of love for his sister softens Arturo’s heart because he allows Kyle to see Lola after Mariah and Kyle’s broadcast plea for help.