Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Slipping Back Into Her Hard-Partying Ways

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Warning: Spoilers for Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club below.

Lindsay Lohan has been living the dream lately. With a new reality show, a successful beach club in Mykonos, and her name back in the news in a positive light, it seems that the drama of Lohan’s life is far behind her. But on the episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club that aired Monday night, Lohan’s co-star Kailah Casillas called the Mean Girls actress out on what she considers to be some abnormal behavior.

As Page Six shared, in the throws of firing Casillas for talking back to her while she was calling out her staff members for not cleaning properly, Casillas fired back at Lohan and claimed that the reformed addict was back to doing drugs.

“Continue doing all the drugs you do, Lindsay,” Casillas said. Page Six spoke to Casillas, and although the reality star revealed that the scathing burn just slipped out, she doesn’t want to get herself into any trouble. She also said that it doesn’t appear, in Casillas’ opinion, that Lohan is keeping up with her sobriety.

“I can’t say that I saw anything, because I’m really not trying to get myself in trouble, but I can say that from my own personal opinion, I do not think that she was sober whatsoever.”

Lohan didn’t comment further on the accusation, likely thinking that Casillas was just referring to her past. Nonetheless, Casillas further stated that since they began shooting the series for MTV, she has witnessed some bizarre behavior that she described as “awkward,” and “uncomfortable,” including Lohan locking Casillas in a shower stall following a confrontation between the two women.

Back in January while promoting her new reality series, Lohan sat down with Variety and said that she was hopeful the show would allow fans to see a different, more positive side of the actress as opposed to the hard-partying Lohan of the past. The Parent Trap actress thought that portraying herself as a businesswoman and resort owner would change people’s perceptions of her and that the mistakes she had once made were far behind her.

“I always say to people, ‘You do realize that was over 10 years ago?’ But it was definitely unfair and unjust at certain times, especially as a girl. I worked at the morgue [as part of a judge’s ruling for violating probation after allegedly stealing a necklace]. I’ve been through the ringer. It was horrible. But from those things, I became a lot stronger.”

As for Casillas, she says that she still enjoys Lohan’s films, but has come to realize that she’s not the best boss or person. She said Lohan’s lack of respect for her staff and those surrounding her would deter her from ever working for the actress again.