‘Vanderpump Rules’ Couple Kristen Doute And Brian Carter Offer Relationship Updates

Charles SykesBravo

Kristen Doute and Brian Carter have been facing hardships in their relationship for the past few episodes of Vanderpump Rules, but what’s going on with them in real time?

While things between the couple appeared to be nearing their end during filming on Season 7, a couple of social media posts have seemingly confirmed that Doute and Carter made it through production and are now in a better place with one another.

On Twitter, Doute offered an update on her relationship with Carter ahead of Monday’s show, which featured a number of her co-stars taking aim at Carter and suggesting Doute was supporting him.

“Tonight’s episode was heavy,” Kristen said via Twitter. “I want to reiterate that [Stassi] was only repeating what I had told her. I love her and all of my girls for wanting the best for me. Carter is a really wonderful man and people go through things. Please just be kind because man, we’re all human.”

On Instagram, Carter offered an update of his own and told his girlfriend he loved every part of her, even when she acts out.

“Got lucky with this one!” he wrote in the caption. “She never let’s me take her picture; she said she doesn’t want me to see a bad picture of her. I replied, not possible here’s proof. [Kristen], I love you and every part, especially the crazy.”

During Monday night’s show, Doute and Schroeder sat down to discuss Doute’s relationship with Carter and during their chat, Schroeder told her longtime friend she wished she would find someone new who would treat her better and who she wouldn’t have to support.

Doute and Carter weren’t seen a whole lot during the first half of Vanderpump Rules Season 7 but as the season continues, their relationship seems to be taking center stage amongst the women, many of whom aren’t supportive of the courtship.

As fans of the series well know, Doute has experienced a lot of ups and downs relationally on the show over the past several years and her friends would love to see her settle down with someone who will treat her well and bring out the best in her.

Although Carter appeared to make Doute happy for some time, the hard moments they went through during Season 7 caused her to act out.

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