‘General Hospital’ Fans Annoyed By Jason & Carly’s Friendship, Saying It Has Gone Too Far

Craig SjodinABC Press

Carly’s surprise pregnancy has left General Hospital fans a little annoyed lately. After Monday’s episode, they are even more irritated than ever and they have taken to social media to express how they feel about it. It seems that the majority of fans think that the friendship between Jason and Carly has gone way overboard.

While some viewers are just fine with the twosome’s very close relationship, others have said that they are done with how ridiculous it has become, especially for Carly. SheKnows Soaps indicated that on Monday, Carly would break the news to Jason that she is pregnant. He was in shock for a minute, but then recovered and was happy that she was happy about it.

Jason would do anything at all for his BFF. In fact, many General Hospital fans have complained that he always seems to put Carly ahead of Sam. They thought that maybe this time around things would be different, but it looks like Carly just wants Jason all to herself even more now. Carly and Sam were bickering a bit when Jason blurted out that Carly was with child and can’t be stressed out. That may have been the last straw for many viewers.

Carly half-jokingly told Jason that he will “have to do whatever I want for the next seven months.” You can bet that he will do just that. You could see it in his eyes. She also needed to be reassured that he isn’t getting too close to Anna Devane. She apparently wants to be number one with Jason. He has always been there for her, but fans think that Carly is taking it way too far.

Comments such as, “‘I’m so over Carly & Jason’s friendship, it’s just a toxic co-dependance mess now,” are making their rounds on social media.

Now that she is pregnant, Jason will be on high alert. General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly will be in trouble. She is expected to go missing and Jason will be frantic to find her. In the new promo coming up this week, Carly is seen with Ryan Chamberlain. She will be put in a dangerous situation when it looks like he will kidnap her. He has the trunk of a car open and will toss Carly in it.

Unfortunately, this also puts baby Corinthos at risk as well. Will this blessed event turn into another tragedy for Sonny and Carly? Not if Jason can help it. You know that he will do whatever it takes to find his BFF and save her from ultimate doom.

Things are heating up on General Hospital with Ryan becoming desperate to keep his identity from being exposed. He wants to whisk Ava off to live happily ever after, but he may not get the chance. Stay tuned in to see what happens next.