Gal Gadot Goes Makeup-Free In Sweet New Photos

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Whether she’s saving the world on screen, dazzling at glamorous red carpet events off screen, or casually going about her day like the rest of us mere mortals, Gal Gadot is certainly an inspiration for millions of fans all around the globe. The 33-year-old actress, who famously played Diana Prince – also known as Wonder Woman – in Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is not only talented but also extremely beautiful and exceptionally fit.

The gorgeous starlet recently wrapped up shooting for Wonder Woman 1984, which is due to hit theaters next year, and is currently enjoying a well-deserved break after completing her work on the new action-packed superhero film. Now that she has some time to herself, Gadot is free to indulge in some of life’s simpler pleasures, such as starting her day with a little endorphin-boosting workout session or stopping by the farmer’s market on a sunny morning.

According to the Daily Mail, the Ralph Breaks the Internet actress did both those things on Monday and was even caught on camera as she paraded her incredible figure in casual, but very flattering, sportswear.

In a series of photos published today by the media outlet, Wonder Woman let her wondrous, natural beauty shine by going makeup-free while out and about on the streets of Los Angeles. Gadot looked radiant as she showed off her naturally pretty features and flawless complexion, and melted hearts by giving a great, big smile to the camera.

Despite being clad in a fairly inconspicuous outfit, the Wonder Woman actress turned heads with her fabulous, athletic physique and was immediately recognized by paparazzi. As noted by the Daily Mail, Gadot rocked a pair of monochrome leggings, which she teamed up with a simple white T-shirt and a comfy black jacket.

The form-fitting leggings showcased her slender thighs and muscular legs, showing that all of her hard training and military background really paid off in refining the Amazon warrior look. The Fast & Furious alum completed her casual outfit with a pair of white running shoes, which sported bright orange shoelaces that added color to her look.

For her outing on Monday morning, Gadot pulled back her long dark tresses in a tight bun. The actress added a little glitz to her sporty outfit by wearing a few sparkling chains around her neck, as well as discreet earrings and a couple of rings on her fingers.

Last week, the stunning actress took to her Instagram page to share a couple of sweet photos that documented her journey as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s recent blockbusters. In her Instagram post, Gadot showcased a sizzling snapshot of herself taken on the first day she met the Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director.

Alongside the photo, Gadot shared a snap of herself as Wonder Woman.