R. Kelly Heads Straight For McDonald’s After Getting Out Of Jail

R. Kelly has posted his $100,000 bail and was released from prison. Unsurprisingly, he faced complete and utter chaos the second he stepped outside. Hundreds of very angry photographers and reporters swarmed him as he stepped outside the prison with his lawyer at his side. They demanded answers from him, many calling him a “pedophile.” When he finally made it to his getaway vehicle, he headed directly to McDonald’s, according to TMZ.

While many expected Kelly to drop out of the public eye due to recent accusations against him, the singer didn’t let the antagonistic media presence keep him from getting fast food. Kelly didn’t even bother to go through the drive-through, but rather sat down for a full meal at McDonald’s. The disgraced “Ignition” singer enjoyed a quarter pounder with cheese and multiple cups of coffee before returning to the counter for more. He sat surrounded by members of his team while shocked diners photographed his every move.

Now that Kelly is for the moment a free man, he has until March 6 to gather together $160,000 in back child support that he owes his ex-wife Drea Kelly. If he fails to pay the full amount, he’ll find himself right back in prison. Sources from his team claim he intends to pay the child support as soon as possible so he can focus on his criminal defense. Even still, his legal team has their work cut out for them with additional women coming forward claiming he sexually assaulted him.

On Friday, Kelly turned himself over to police after being indicted on 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. It is believed that several of his victims were minors at the time the abuse took place.

Attorney Michael Avenatti represents one of Kelly’s accusers. He believes that there is no doubt that Kelly is guilty for the crimes of which he has been accused and will face justice for his actions, according to CNN.

“Over the weekend, we have encountered a number of additional witnesses who we have interviewed, who we are in the process of preparing to meet with prosecutors. Each of these witnesses describe a decades long system of abuse by Mr. Kelly of underage girls. The videotape depicts Mr. Kelly engaged in illegal sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl. It is approximately 55 minutes in length. It leaves no question as to Mr. Kelly’s guilt on the tape.”

Meanwhile, many former fans of Kelly’s have stood in support of the accusers by choosing to boycott his music.