Victoria’s Secret Model Elsa Hosk Is Almost Fully Nude In Bedroom Selfie On Instagram

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Elsa Hosk shared a steamy new photo on Instagram yesterday, and it showed her going almost fully nude. The model was completely glammed up for the shot, which showed her with her hair down and impeccable, dark eye makeup. She tilted her head to the right, as she wore no top and put her hands in front of her chest to censor herself. Elsa only wore a string thong bottom, along with beautiful turquoise jewelry consisting of a matching necklace and ring. Later on, the model revealed her clothed look for the Oscars event, for Vanity Fair, which was a stunning plunge dress. The dress had dark blue sequins throughout, along with a side cutout by her hips.

In addition to the selfie, Hosk went one step further and shared a video of herself topless in her Stories. She made sultry looks at the camera, as she shifted her hands deftly and showed off her hair and back. This was followed by several videos of Elsa walking down the hall and walking into the elevator, both which revealed how amazing the dress looked with the light bouncing off it. No doubt she had a great time at the party, and it also appears that she got some pool-time in today to unwind.

And while fans might have a hard time believing that Elsa has any points of contention when it comes to her body, she noted to Marie Claire that she has one focus when it comes to working out.

“For me, it’s the butt for sure. It’s just always on display. And it’s a vicious circle because if you start working your butt out a lot and then you stop it, it goes like [makes a deflating motion with her hands]…you have to keep it up.”

The model also revealed that it was difficult for her growing up because of her body type, saying “I would always be ashamed because I have wide hips and a small waist and growing up, that was not cool.” She also added that things have changed now, and curves are celebrated, which she’s happy about.

Plus, Hosk spoke about New Year’s resolutions and how to approach them, advising that “I think it’s good to set big goals for yourself, but it’s also good to be realistic so you can actually reach them and be proud of yourself.” She also admitted that she’s cheated when it comes to working on her resolutions, just like anybody else.