June 18, 2015
Research Shows Hong Kong Tops Most Visited Cities In Asia

Research has shown that for international tourists, Hong Kong is Asia's most visited city, followed by Singapore in second place and Beijing coming in third. The data has now been compiled to reveal the most visited cities in Asia.

Using data taken from Euromonitor International, a map has been created which highlights the 47 most visited cities in Asia with Hong Kong, a major shopping mecca, coming in top as number one of the best destinations in Asia.

Singapore, Malaysia

Second place goes to Singapore in Malaysia followed by Beijing, capital of China, in third place. Macau, a gambling mecca across the river from Hong Kong and considered to be "Asia's Las Vegas," came fourth in the list.

A comprehensive map, put together by Ampersand Trave, shows the top 10 most visited cities in Asia, followed by the most visited cities by country and the 47 most visited cities in Asia, giving numbers of international tourists arriving each year. The map gives a fascinating insight into which areas are the most popular for tourists traveling from all around the globe.

According to James Jayasundera, managing director at Ampersand Travel, there is plenty of interesting data out there about people's travel habits, but he says it is "not always easy to consume."

He said that what the company wanted to do was to come up with an attractive and engaging way to "highlight the interesting trends of travel in Asia."

Jayasundera continued saying there are some really surprising facts to be gained, from Hong Kong being the number one of the most visited cities in Asia right down to the relatively low numbers visiting cities in really popular countries like India.

"India perhaps has more diversity, with people heading to different areas, as opposed to somewhere like Thailand where nearly all visitors will travel to Bangkok on their trip, resulting in its higher numbers."

The company highlighted various key findings from the data, including data that, besides revealing the most visited cities in Asia, also shows the popularity of certain destinations in China.

Hong Kong tops the list of most popular cities with three million more arrivals than any other location in Asia. The city is a shopping mecca, offering everything from electronics to fashion to cosmetics and perfumes at affordable prices.

However, the most visited city in mainland China is Shenzen, which beats both Beijing and Shanghai. In terms of business, Shenzen is China's most competitive cities. China also features the most locations in the list of most visited cities in Asia with eight out of the 47 countries included.

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[Images: Hong Kong CC by 3.0 Diliff, Singapore CC by 2.0 Bishan]