Microsoft Surface Pro Pen Issues Continue, Driver May Be At Fault

Microsoft Surface Pro customers continue to fight against issues related to the Windows 8 tablets pen and 3rd party software applications.

Several Surface Pro users have recently reported that the pens detection completely stops working after a small amount of usage.

According to a Microsoft Answer community forum user, Microsoft tech experts told him to uninstall the pen driver and then reboot to force an automatic pen driver reinstall. After reinstalling the pen driver, the device works as advertised. Shortly after that post, a second Surface Pro users admitted to using the same attempt without success. ‘The second user did finally get the pen recognition fix to work but only for a short period of time.

Before the Surface Pro pen issues surfaced, customers were already complaining about inconsistent support among various applications including Adobe Photoshop. When speaking directly about the Photoshop issues, Microsoft plainly stated:

“The Surface pen does work with Photoshop, which runs on Surface Pro, though advanced features such as pressure sensitivity and eraser functionality may not be available at this time. Microsoft is working with the necessary partners to make advanced features of the Surface pen available across a number of applications in the near future.”

Microsoft tells Electronista that current fixes will not fix all issues; however, if software developers “simply adhere to the Surface SDK implementation of pen functionality, then proper application support is all but guaranteed.”

Have you been having problems with your Microsoft Surface Pro since its release? Share your frustrations and fixes in our comments section.