Beyonce & Jay-Z Hosted A Lavish, Star-Studded Oscars After-Party, Per ‘E! News’

Christopher PolkGetty Images

The 91st Academy Awards ceremony may have ended at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, but the celebrations were nowhere near finished. A number of after-parties hosted by various celebrities — and one put off by Vanity Fair — continued on well into the early hours of Monday. One party in particular seemed the place to be that evening — Beyonce and Jay-Z’s. An inside source told E! News that the hip-hop couple’s Oscars party had a great turnout, one filled with tons of A-list stars.

“The party was completely A-list,” the source said. Guests began arriving around midnight, and “they didn’t leave until about 5 a.m. and later.”

Some of the solo guests included Jamie Foxx, Adele, Drake, and Rihanna. In addition, there were some hot Hollywood couples like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, the newly-engaged Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, and the married Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

“Katy and Orlando were the life of the party. Everyone was approaching them to say congrats and they were both cheersing their drinks with anyone and everyone,” the source continued, adding that the couple spent the entire evening together looking happily in love. “Jay-Z and Beyonce seemed happy to see them and the four of them were talking for several moments.”

Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx reportedly rapped along with his favorite tunes while J-Lo and A-Rod spent the evening on the dance floor, moving to music by Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, and more.

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union were also in attendance, chatting it up on a couch. Beyonce also got a chance to catch up with her former Destiny’s Child companion Kelly Rowland. According to the source, Beyonce looked happy and carefree the entire evening.

“Beyonce seemed relaxed like she felt she could let loose for a night,” they said.

As for the logistics of the party, a source told Us Weekly that Beyonce and Jay-Z went above and beyond to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their guests. In addition to personally approving the guest list, the couple asked that no photos of the party itself be shared anywhere. Security at the front door was also extremely tight.

“If a celeb brought an assistant or security that was not announced, they were not allowed to come in,” the source said.

As expected from Beyonce and Jay-Z, the decorations were on point, comprising a golden Oscars theme. Gold balloons, drapery, and flowers lined the room, while some of the appetizers were sprinkled with golden flakes.

The sources confirmed that the couple wanted their party to feel private and exclusive. Success!