‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Drew Has Questions, Anna Grills Cabot, And Maxie Gets News

Craig SjodinABC

Monday’s episode of General Hospital should be a wild one, according to the latest spoilers. Things are crazy throughout Port Charles, and the next episode is not to be missed.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Monday show that Drew will be quite concerned as he recovers at GH and asks if he hit anybody in the accident he caused. Of course, he did hit Jordan, and he’ll be beside himself to learn of this.

Curtis will be frantic as he waits to see how serious Jordan’s injuries are and She Knows Soaps shares that he’ll be hesitant to step too far away from Jordan or his room as he waits for news.

Jason will also show up at GH, and it looks like he’ll make a fairly good recovery. General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly will pay him a visit and share her pregnancy news, and Shiloh will have some questions for Sam as she scrambles to keep him from figuring out the plan she and Jason had concocted.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Maxie will receive the results of the secret DNA test she ran on Sasha. Viewers know that Sasha isn’t really Nina’s daughter, but will Maxie now have that confirmed and have the heart to break the news?

As Maxie anticipates what comes next, General Hospital spoilers detail that Nina will be asking Sasha to consider staying in Port Charles for a while. Sasha knows she’s on borrowed time, but she may not be able to hurt Nina’s feelings by leaving right now.

There’s also action with Anna as she quizzes Dr. Cabot about whether he transferred any of Alex’s memories to her. Finn will reportedly have some input on all of this, and viewers are anxious to see if this storyline will lead to a revelation about Peter being Alex’s son rather than Anna’s.

Monday’s show also has Valentin approaching Peter to ask yet another favor. Peter may play along for now, but viewers know that he’s not likely to do any more for Valentin than he absolutely must at this point.

Soap Central indicates that Curtis will hear an important voicemail in the next episode or two, and fans wonder if this could be from Franco via Jordan’s phone. General Hospital spoilers hint that this will be one of the wildest weeks of episodes viewers have had in a long time, and people won’t want to miss a minute of the chaos ahead.