‘Bachelor’ Episode 8 Spoilers: Cassie’s Dad Has Questions For Colton, Will He Give Them His Blessing?

Aaron PooleABC

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood will face her family during Episode 8 of The Bachelor and spoilers hint that it won’t be an entirely smooth encounter. It’s not uncommon for the fathers of the bachelorettes to be doubtful at this stage of filming, and it looks like Cassie’s dad is especially skeptical. It sounds as if he’ll be asked to give his blessing on a possible engagement, but he reportedly won’t be ready to do that.

Good Morning America shared a new sneak peek into Monday night’s episode. The preview shows Cassie and Colton arriving at the family home to meet the Randolphs, and her father quickly notices that Underwood is pretty affectionate with Cassie.

Unfortunately for Colton, Cassie’s dad also wonders if he’s that openly affectionate with the other three bachelorettes as he meets their families too. The Bachelor spoilers suggest that Mr. Randolph will try to hold off on forming any particularly strong opinions about Underwood at this stage. However, that doesn’t mean he’s on board with the idea of an engagement.

Cassie and her dad will get some time to talk and he’ll make it clear he’s skeptical of this relationship and process. He’ll question how she could seriously consider an engagement after such a short period of time and he’ll point out that it’s only been a few dates over the course of a few weeks.

Mr. Randolph also points out that Cassie is just 23-years-old and he notes she has her whole life ahead of her. The Bachelor contestant does seem to show some doubt and confusion at this point, getting a bit flustered as she talks with her dad.

According to spoiler king Reality Steve via Twitter, Colton seemingly does ask for the blessing of Cassie’s dad when the two get a chance to talk alone. However, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Underwood doesn’t get that all-important blessing.

It doesn’t look as if the Randolph family is the only one with doubts heading into these hometowns. It’s not clear yet how many other fathers Colton talks to about a potential proposal and how many do or do not give their blessing.

However, Bachelor spoilers hint that Cassie’s time with her family may leave her feeling more conflicted than she expected about whether she’s ready for a future with Colton. Viewers have seen that Underwood and Randolph share an intense connection and she’s been a definite frontrunner for a while now. Unfortunately, that may not be enough to get them where they need to be in their relationship.

The Bachelor spoilers detail that there are complications ahead as the rest of the season plays out, and viewers will surely have some strong opinions about what happened during these Episode 8 hometown dates. Could Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph be the real deal? Fans will have a lot to buzz about after Monday’s show and they’ll want to brace themselves for what’s coming next.