Julianne Kissinger Teases Fans In A Lacy Red Bra & Matching Thong

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Julianne Kissinger pushed the envelope in a rather risqué photo she posted on Instagram recently. The blonde bombshell showcased her incredible figure in a seductive bedroom outfit that had her fans clamoring to view the sexy snap.

The 26-year-old Instagram model knows that sex sells, and she oozes sex appeal in her latest photo. The bikini babe wore a red push-up bra which barely contained her full breasts. The lacy detail coupled with the support of an underwire bra served to emphasize Kissinger’s voluptuous cleavage. She also wore a tiny red thong to match her bra.

Kissinger wore her dark blonde dresses in a side path. She cocked her head to one side while teasing a strand of hair with her fingertips. The rest of her golden mane fell in loose waves down her shoulders and back.

Julianne, who posts as “juli.annee” on her Instagram page, drew attention to her eyes and mouth with some clever makeup tricks. She wore a smoky black eyeshadow and wore a shimmery gloss over her rose-colored lipstick. Kissinger accentuated her stunning cheekbones with some blush and bronzer.

The model, who is of German and Portuguese descent, teased her fans by hooking her thumb into her thong. She then playfully pulled the one side of her thong down as if to give her followers a rather naughty show.

Of course, the photo was an instant hit. Julianne Kissinger has close to 5 million followers because she frequently posts what her fans want – sexy photos of herself in as little as possible. In less than a day, the photograph has already racked up over 116,000 views. Many of her followers also posted a comment on the photo.

Some answered Kissinger’s question and told her what their favorite color was, while others just wanted to let her know how beautiful she was.


“Wow, you’re absolutely beautiful and absolutely sexy. You’re perfect,” one user said.

One fan told Kissinger, “OMG red is definitely your color.” While some fans mentioned their favorite hue, others tried to pander to the blonde by letting her know that “Whatever color you’re wearing is my favorite.” Another example of this over-the-top flattery is one fan who commented, “Since you asked, I’m blind to any color that’s not your favorite.”

“Sexiest women on earth I will constantly comment this because it is definite truth.”

It’s little wonder that Kissinger is one of the most sought after social media influencers on the net.