Chelsea Houska Opens Up About The Possibility Of Her Husband Adopting Aubree On New ‘Teen Mom 2’

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On Monday night, a new episode of Teen Mom 2 will air on MTV, and Chelsea Houska will open about whether she would have her husband Cole adopt her oldest daughter, Aubree. The official Teen Mom 2 Twitter account released the new sneak peek on Sunday night.

In the preview, Chelsea is in her kitchen with her husband and her producer. Chelsea mentions that she recently received a phone call from Adam’s ex, Taylor. With Taylor, Adam had a daughter, Aubree’s half-sister. However, in the phone call with Chelsea, Taylor revealed that Adam had signed over his rights to their daughter, Paislee. Chelsea then reveals that Taylor’s husband adopted her daughter, opening up a lot of questions.

On the last season of Teen Mom 2, Taylor and Chelsea actually met up so that Aubree and Paislee could play together.

When asked if she was going to tell Aubree what happened, Chelsea explained, “I think we should, I think she should know what’s going on or what happened, but I think you just gotta be careful about the way you word it, its gonna be confusing for her cause like technically that’s not her sister I mean, it’s obviously always going to be her sister, but you know what I’m saying, like do we bring up that it’s an option for her as well?”

Cole then said he would adopt Aubree “right away,” but made it clear that he would only do so if that is what Aubree wanted and that he would “never make her do anything.”

While Cole has been a wonderful stepfather to Aubree, Chelsea explained why the situation with Aubree is different. Although Adam has not been in Aubree’s life too much, she still knows his family.

Chelsea went on to say, “It’s just totally different and it’s hard because we know what we feel is the best for her and I feel like the best for her would be if he was completely out of the picture. Instead of in and out.”

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Earlier this season, fans watched as Chelsea drove Aubree to a visitation center to visit with her father. However, Adam didn’t show up and instead, Chelsea took Aubree for ice cream. Despite Chelsea trying to make the situation better, it was clear Aubree understood what was going on.

Chelsea added, “I think she’s old enough now where you can’t just make that decision for her.”

Although Cole hasn’t officially adopted her, Chelsea did have Aubree’s last name hyphenated to reflect Cole’s last name as well as Adam’s last name. Cole has demonstrated that he is an awesome stepfather time and time again, recently attending a father-daughter dance with Aubree, as previously reported by Inquisitr.

A new episode of Teen Mom 2 will air Monday night on MTV.