Nine Golfers Make Incredible One-Hole Putt Simultaneously [Video]

Incredible 9 Man Golf Shot

A tremendous video has captured the exact moment nine golfing students each simultaneously sink their putts, one after the other, all in to the same hole. You can check out the spectacular footage at the foot of the page.

Of course, as any golfer knows, keeping your mind void of distraction and maintaining your concentration whilst putting a shot on a green is hard enough for just one professional to do. So, the fact that nine people were able to sink their efforts is truly astounding.

These nine seniors were each part of Campbell University’s PGA Golf Management program.This university is one of only 20 campuses to offer a major in the art and business of managing a golf course.

Each individual managed to line up their shots at the precise time need and perfected their swings so that none of the balls came into contact with each other.

Two camera were used to record this feat, and the clip shows all of the students anxiously looking to the hole to make sure that their shot landed and didn’t ruin the attempt.

As you would expect, as soon as the ninth ball falls into the hole they each celebrate wildly.


The video was created as part of a contest, which is sponsored by the university’s student association. Each class was asked to submit footage of a simultaneous shot.

A similar effort was made by the students at the Golf Academy of America in Apopka, Florida. However they only managed to sink shots in a row. You can watch the video below.