Sony: PS Vita Getting Pricecut in Japan, No Word On US

Sony’s PS Vita is finally going to get a price cut. If you are someone who was looking to buy the Playstation Vita but was holding out until it was a bit more affordable, don’t pop the champagne cork just yet. Yahoo! News is reporting that Sony did announce a $50 drop in price for the Vita.

The problem for North American gamers is that the price drop is only good for Japan at this point. As a general rule, companies tend to cut the price of their existing products right before a new product hits the market. There is quite a bit of speculation that a full reveal of the Sony Playstation 4 could come as later this week.

The PS Vita is one of the most powerful and expensive hand held gaming devices on the market today. One of the things that makes it so attractive is that it is powerful enough to act almost like a console. Sony has taken great pains to make sure the Vita works alongside the PS3 as opposed to competing against the console for gamers.

So will Sony eventually announce a price drop in North America as well? It would seem likely that they would want to make sure that gamers are pairing up their PS Vitas with their PS4s when they finally become available. made this same assumption, reaching out to Sony with questions about when we could expect a price drop announcement for the US.

Sony responded with a very short and sweet answer: “We have nothing to announce at this point in time.”


Should the Playstation Vita get a price drop, IGN believes that it could actually be dropped to $199. That would mean an identical $50 drop on the price here as they did in Japan.

If the PS Vita sees a price drop, would you be more likely to buy it?