Josephine Skriver Dons Nude Strapless Bra Under Oscars Dress & Shares Moment On Instagram

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Victoria’s Secret shared sneak peeks of Josephine Skriver getting ready for an Oscars event on Instagram. The photo showed Josephine standing with the dress partially on, as she opted for a strapless and nude-toned bra. A second photo showed her final look, which was a light blue dress. It was a strapless and floor-length piece with a netted beaded look on the top. The bottom of the dress was light and flowy, as she slung a light fabric piece into the air.

The model opted for a simple hairstyle in the photo, as she wore it down with a center part. Her makeup also featured bright blush and eyeshadow. Josephine’s personal account further revealed her final hair for the party, as she shared a good look at it as a video. She wore star-like dazzling hair pieces that were scattered throughout her head, as she exuded a bit of a mermaid vibe.

Previously, Skriver kept things much more casual with photos of her outfits throughout the week. This included a basic white t-shirt and jeans ensemble, which she glammed up with a pair of shiny Louis Vuitton boots. Another post showed the model in a workout outfit, consisting of a black shirt and pants with a neon orange jacket. Josephine also wore long white socks with a pair of sneakers.

The model has rocketed to stardom as a Victoria’s Secret model but has also stayed true to herself. She noted to Hashtag Legend why her activism for the LGBTQ community is so important to her.

“What’s more important than supporting the youth? They are our future and are going to be pushing our world forward! I have met so many strong, aware and smart kids recently, and I think our future is in good hands.”

Skriver also talked about proactive ways that she’s been involved in activism, saying that “Being a rainbow kid myself, I want to share my story and hopefully help and inspire a few.”

“Right now, I’m involved with Colage, Family Equality and Keep a Child Alive. Kids are just so important in this world. They’re unicorns – and should be protected from any harm and all hate so they’re able to live in a world full of freedom, love and promise.”

Josephine is notably a test tube baby and grew up with two moms. She’s been open about this and even revealed that at a point she asked her mom when she was younger if it was okay if she didn’t like girls but liked guys instead.