Kevin Nash Reveals Which WWE Stars He'd Bring Into All Elite Wrestling As The New Outsiders

Kevin Nash is a true legend in wrestling and a WWE Hall of Famer who is best known for starting the New World Order (nWo) in WCW. During his time in the ring, Nash was a founding member of the nWo who jumped ship from WWF/WWE to WCW and formed The Outsiders before Hulk Hogan made them a trio. Nash has now chosen to speak out on the brand new All Elite Wrestling promotion and reveals who he would sign away from Vince McMahon.

There is no doubt that Nash's jump with Hall to WCW certainly paved the way for the "Monday Night Wars" and gave Monday Nitro a boost. From arriving as The Outsiders and forming the nWo, Nash knows a lot about promotions signing top talent from other companies.

Catch Club recently spoke with Nash on a number of topics and as expected, All Elite Wrestling was brought up in the conversation. He was asked how AEW can make an even bigger name for themselves than they already have, and he thinks it would have to be in signing top guys.

While AEW already has signed Kenny Omega and has Cody Rhodes and has signed Chris Jericho out from under WWE, Nash feels as if they could go bigger.

Brock Lesnar and John Cena face off in WWE

Nash was asked who he would try to sign away from WWE if he was in charge of AEW, and he had a few ideas. When wondering who could be the new version of The Outsiders, Nash went really big and to the top, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

"I can have anybody? I'd want Cena! I'd want Cena and Lesnar. I'd also take Rollins. Even though Orton has been there a while, I think Orton is still young. I would have Rey Mysterio. I would want stars that have been around a while. If Roman was healthy, of course I'd have him. I would have him anyway. But if I had to pick two guys I would pick Cena and Lesnar. That would change the landscape of professional wrestling."
Well, Nash obviously went big when he chose names to come in and shock the world of professional wrestling. Brock Lesnar has always been a bit of a wild card with his jumping between WWE and UFC, but John Cena leaving WWE and wrestling anywhere else ever would be a shock.

Kevin Nash will turn 60-years-old in June and the idea has been tossed around of him joining AEW, but it seems that window has closed. Nash said that he simply is "not interested anymore" in the type of schedule that a wrestling promotion would require. All Elite Wrestling could very well compete with WWE one day, but it would be a lot sooner if they could sign someone such as Brock Lesnar and John Cena to be the next Outsiders.